Saturday 1 February 2014

Hatyai: Buffet At Lee Garden Plaza Hotel

A good place to savour some authentic Thai cuisines if you are in Hatyai is Lee Garden Plaza Hotel. The buffet here used to be 120baht (approx RM12) pp but over the years the price has gradually risen. During my last trip, it was 169baht and still unbelievably cheap considering the variety of food it offers in the menu
The buffet is normally held on the 33rd floor but this time around, it is held at the "Coffee Shop" on the 10th floor as the 33rd floor is under renovation. While buffet dinner is usually more expensive than buffet lunch in most hotels or restaurants, the price to dine for both meals is the same here. (See display above). If you are 60+ years old, you even get to dine at a good discount..
 10th floor Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel
This place is popular among tourists and local visitors. Coming here shouldn't be a problem as every cab or tuk-tuk would know where "Lee Garden" is.
The menu has not changed much over the last 10 years. 80% of the menu remain the same which is quite a good thing too as you still get to eat your favourite food and the food you miss after some time. 
My favorite has always been the Thai laksa. This photo shows the Thai laksa curry and the green curry. Both are eaten with the same type of noodles.
I have here a mixture of both curries with the noodles. Even looking at it can make me drool.
As usual there are 3 main types of soups. The fish maw soup(above) is a favorite among diners. There're also the seafood tom yam soup and the herbal chicken soup. All food served are constantly being replenished so the late comers need not feel short-changed.
Thai fried chicken has always been part of the menu over the last 10 years.
This "hor fun" is something new.
The food is not only cheap, they taste great too. 
the salad station
Thai deserts
How not to grow fat??
You can end your meal with hot coffee or tea.
View from 10th floor Lee Gardens Plaza.
This value for money eat-all-you-can buffet is definitely recommended.  I can't wait till my next trip to Hatyai to dine here again.

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hoon said...

haiyo ... how i wish i can dine at lee gardens again ... as you know, travel advisory is out ... anyway, thanks for your wonderful posting. cousins.

Lily... said...

When is the next trip??

Anonymous said...

So need to take passport to show the age is it?

Lily... said...

Better bring passport as proof.

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