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Things To Do In Tanjung Sepat

Tanjung Sepat is a small coastal town in Selangor which visitors frequent mostly for seafood and other food products. I've visited this place twice and found it quite a nice getaway. The seafood here is nice, fresh and slightly cheaper compared to the city. There're also a lot other foodstuff one can buy home.
Coming from the direction of Sepang, the town is entirely on the left hand side of the trunk road and can be mistakenly bypassed unless one watches out for the signboard. From the direction of Banting, it is on the right hand side.
This is Sungai Pelek, a small town we passed through before reaching Tanjung Sepat.
Tanjung Sepat is not too far away after passing this stretch of muddy beach.

I have listed a few things a first time visitor can do/buy in Tanjung Sepat. It is easy to move about in Tanjung Sepat as there are only 3 major roads in the town running parallel to each other, namely Jalan Pasar, Jalan Sekolah and Jalan Tepi Laut and 14 small lanes called lorongs running vertically through them. 

1) Try the dumplings at Hai Yew Heng.
Even the locals say the dumplings (pau) here are nice. Hai Yew Heng, located at No 405, Jalan Pasar (at Lorong 4) is famous for dumplings among the locals as well as outstation tourists.
Dumplings are prepared in bulk at the front of the shop, just beside the cashier's counter.
The fillings are mixed using big machines and the ready dumplings, steamed at the back of the shop.
There are a variety of dumplings sold here but the one I find unique is the 'Mei Cai Bao'. The filling of preserved vegetables and pork is uncommonly found in other dumpling outlets. Whether they are really nice or not depend on individual taste.
 The proprietor also owns a mobile truck selling dumplings and other types of food. The truck happened to be parked behind the shop and we bought the "Changs" and "Tau Sar Piah" home. Both tasted excellent.
Opposite the shop is a coffee shop that sells fried snacks, preserved seafood like dried prawns, anchovies and tasty ready-to-eat fish balls. 

2. Dine At A Local Seafood Restaurant
Our regular dining place is Ocean Restaurant located at No 109, Jalan Laut. There are a few other seafood restaurants to choose from along the beach road.
A sumptuous plate of crabs for RM53. That's not very expensive.
You can also venture further for seafood. There is another popular restaurant about 7 km from Tanjung Sepat town (towards the direction of Morib) called Asam Batu Laut Restaurant. This restaurant is visible from the trunk road and coming from Tanjung Sepat town, it is on the left hand side.
Asam Batu Laut Restaurant is packed with the lunch crowd.

3. Buy Preserved Seafood, And Other Local Foodstuff.
I like to dine at Ocean Restaurant as there are some commercial activities in the vicinity. Pic above: An open-air stall selling a variety of preserved  seafood products. The price are mostly cheaper than in the city.
Preserved fish maw and fish bladder 

Freshly blended fruit juices to go with your seafood meal
A shop opposite Ocean Restaurant, called Qingren Qiau sells a big variety of food products. 
A variety of seafood crackers you can buy home

4. See Tanjung Sepat's  Lovers' Bridge & Fishing Boats
For reasons unknown to me, this long bridge leading to the sea is called Lovers' Bridge. It is located  beside Ocean Restaurant mentioned earlier on.
Some fishing boats docked at the end of Lovers' Bridge.
This is another bridge parallel to Lovers' Bridge. Some fishermen were seen unloading the day's catch.
 More fishing boats 

5.Visit Ganofarm And Buy Some Mushrooms Or Gano Products
Located at Jalan Laut Membiru in Tmn Pelangi, this place is just a minutes drive from town.
Mushrooms are cultivated here but not in big scale.
The farm's specialty, Ganoderma lucidum (herbs with medicinal values) are also cultivated and sold here.
A variety of mushrooms, gano and other products are available at the shop.

6. Buy Crispy Snacks At Arowana, The Snack Factory.
This is usually our last stopover before driving home. This place is inconspicuous from the trunk road as it is 1.8km deep inside. However, the signboard should be big enough. Coming from the Sepang direction the junction to this snack factory is on the right, before a bridge and before reaching Tanjung Sepat town. Coming from the direction of Tanjung Sepat town, it is on the left, immediately after a bridge.
This factory produces a variety of crispy snacks. It specializes in tapioca snacks.
 The shop also sells other imported products.

There are dragon fruit farms in the vicinity and if you haven't seen one, you may also add this to your day-trip itinerary. The fruits are not cheap though.

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