Saturday 14 June 2014

Taiping Once Again: A Walk Around Taiping Lake Garden.

I am in Taiping once again and guess what! This time round I've chosen to stay in Flemington Hotel which is just opposite the lake gardens. Even if I come to Taiping another 10x I'll certainly make my way to Taiping Lake Gardens - the most beautiful I've seen in my country.
Spanning over 160 acres and encompassing 10 ponds and lakes, the lake gardens are set against the natural backdrop of the surrounding hills making it a picture-perfect beauty.
A beautiful stretch of road by the lake garden with an avenue of rain trees lining it.
What a better way to spend your leisure time than to sit around and savour the tranquil and mesmerizing calmness of this charming place. 

Hardly a ripple seen, the water was like a mirror reflecting images of the trees and shrubs around and the hills beyond it. 

Pathways are created around the lakes for strollers and joggers.

A lotus leaf growing in crystal clear lake water.

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