Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My Shortest Trip Ever To Penang Island

We were on our way to Taiping but decided to drive on to Penang Island as we have not seen the new bridge. Being occasional travellers to the island, we are thankful for this second bridge as it has significantly cut short our travelling time into the island. 
Coming from the Klang Valley we exited the North-South Expressway through Bandar Cassia Toll Plaza in Batu Kawan which saved us miles of extra travelling.[We have to travel to Butterworth to enter the island before this bridge was ready]
Bandar Cassia Toll Plaza with its gigantic gateway arch is also the biggest toll plaza in Malaysia. The toll has incorporated the RM8.50 bridge entry charge into the charge for using the expressway.
The new bridge links Batu Kawan in Seberang Prai to Batu Maung in the island.
Measuring 24 km and spanning 16.9 km over the sea makes it the longest bridge in South East Asia.
We decided to take our breakfast in Bayan Lepas.
Didn't intend to stay long in Penang so we simply hopped into a corner coffee shop.
Took some of our favourites food and soon we were on our way back to the bridge.
Stopped by the roadside to take a few photos of the bridge.
A zoomed shot.
Soon we're on the bridge again-this time heading for our original destination, Taiping.
Managed to get a shot showing the beautiful curve of the bridge.
All in all we spent less than one and a half hours- making this our shortest trip ever to Penang Island.


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