Saturday 28 June 2014

Taiping Once Again: The Best Place To Find Hawker's Food In The Evening

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We scouted around for food, visiting a few food courts before settling for the ones around Jalan Taming Sari. There are 3 corner restaurants around here, namely M&M Xin Kopitiam, Restoran Prima Taiping and Prima Coffee Shop and for dinner, this place offers the most varieties.

The "kuih kak" from Prima Coffee Shop is quite tasty. (See the vendor below)

The pan fried pork rice from Restoran Prima looks ordinary but tasted great.
This oyster omelette from Prima Coffee Shop didn't meet our expectation though.
A variety of Dim Sum from M&M Xin Kopitiam is not too bad. You will be quite spoilt for choice dining around here.

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