Saturday, 12 December 2015

Brisbane City Tour Pt 4: Queen Street Mall

A visit to Queen Street Mall was part of our Brisbane City Tour itinerary. It was lunch time and we were given two hours to dine,shop and explore Queen Street Mall which is right in the heart of Brisbane City.
Queen Street Mall is not a single shopping complex with retail stores but it is a 500 meters pedestrian street with 6 major shopping centres, shops, cafes, arcades, hotels and offices. All in there are over 700 retailers making this the No 1 shopping precinct in Brisbane.
On the quieter end of the Mall stands the majestic Treasury Hotel & Casino.
The decorative giant spheres on the public square outside the hotel are great pieces of arts to admire.
Queen Street Mall is located on Queen Street which is Brisbane's main street, and stretches from George Street across a couple of blocks to Edward Street. 
You can hardly get bored here and two hours was barely enough to see all it has got to offer.
There are a few artistic facades. The one seen here has butterflies embedded on it.
This too has butterflies on the facade.
There are a good number of old heritage buildings along the mall but some have been given modern makeovers.
The Telegraph Newspaper Company and a number of other premises are among some still occupying  Victorian-era buildings.
Another nice building is Brisbane Arcade which is a smaller shopping centre along the pedestrian mall.
The Myer Centre is Brisbane's largest shopping centre boasting 200 stores over six floors. 
There are shaded places and spots with free Wifi.
There is a cafe with an interesting facade.
There are many souvenir shops with an array of choices that is almost unrivaled.
Die-hard shoppers can shop till they drop while an avid window shopper like me was wondering whether I could finish browsing through all the thing on display with the little time I had.
Diners too, have plenty of options. Seen here is the food court in QueensPlaza, a state-of-art shopping centre with many international labels.
This place must be a favourite rendezvous for the local folks  as it has public amenities like comfortable benches,  drinking water dispensers and toilets.
There is a shaded area in the centre of the mall where a few events were taking place.
Ample dining option, al fresco included.
Edward Street marks the end of Queen Street Mall. There were many stores tucked inside the arcades and shopping centres yet to be explored but time was up and we had to move to the next destination on our itinerary.

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