Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Day Tour To Lamington National Park And Tamborine Mountain: Pt 2

This post is a sequel to the post: A Day Tour To Lamington National Park And Tamborine Mountain: Pt 1  (Click to view)

Leaving Lamington National Park we headed for Tamborine Mountain. Covered by luxuriant vegetation this mountain also boasts of many walking tracks and a diverse range of floras, birdlife and wildlife. 
I simply loved the itinerary planned for us that day. Instead of spending all our time in lush rainforests, looking at century old trees and things of the forest, we diverted to a small township to dine, shop and to simply appreciate a small country town! 
We were taken to a place called Gallery Walk along Long Road which is a street devoted to art and craft galleries alongside cafes, restaurants and many other unique shops.
There are about 70 art, craft, gift and knickknack shops along Gallery Walk and peeping into each while strolling along  is a great thing to do here.
Seen here are some of the shops along Gallery Walk. This is an antique shop with an eye-catching entrance.
A winery
A fashion boutique
More shops seen on either side of Gallery Walk
I love the ambiance of this place. Shops are individually built with nice frontages and signage. There is very little traffic. Pathways are flower strewn and the pace of life is wonderfully relaxing.
'Whisper On Tamborine' offers fashionwear from Australian and French designers, accessories and jewellery.
Granny Macs Store sells over 40 varieties of mouth watering fudge. Only thing is, you must have a sweet tooth to appreciate them.
The multi-flavoured, multi-coloured fudge at Granny Macs Store
Lovely flowers everywhere!
A very peaceful street indeed.

German Cuckoo Clock Nest offers a huge range of grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, wall clocks and mantel clocks from Germany. This is among my favourite shop.

Ah..he likes that one.

We left Gallery Walk after a good time dining and window shopping and headed for the rainforest again.
This is a lookout point we stopped by to capture some great views of the valley.
Panoramic and captivating!
The last item on our itinerary was to visit a waterfall. The hike through the rainforest was a breeze for some but there was a couple of fatter ones who were panting all the way up the path. We finally reached Curtis Fall which is one of the more renowned in Tamborine Mountain.
A last chance to grab the huge ancient trees before making our way back to the city.
We bade adieu to the mountains. It was a great day out indeed.

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