Wednesday 10 May 2017

Things To Do In Queenstown: Bob's Peak

One of the best places to be in Queenstown is  Bob's Peak. To get there you can choose between two options namely to hike up the steep Tiki Trail or take the Skyline gondolas. An avid hiker with tonnes of energy who is willing to spend 45 minutes to an hour to scale the tedious mountain slopes can save some money for a nice lunch later on but people with panting syndrome like me would rather pay to use the gondolas which cost NZ$33 pp (more than RM100) for a return trip. The fare is expensive no doubt as the ride is just a mere 5 minutes but what is in store at the peak is something to die for. Scroll down and you'll know what I mean.
The base of Skyline Gondola is close to the hub of Queenstown. There was a fairly long queue at the ticketing counter that morning. Its popularity is not surprising as Bob's Peak is considered one of the top things to do in Queenstown.
The maximum capacity per cable car is 4 persons. Family members or friends are normally made to sit together but if you are alone you may get a cable car all to yourself or be paired up with another solo passenger. I was alone that day and was made to sit in with 2 staffs working at Bob's Peak.
The Queenstown Gondola is the steepest in the southern hemisphere which kind of shorten the line so the ascent was pretty fast. It brings you 450 metres above Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.

From The Viewing Deck
The first place I headed to upon arriving was the viewing deck. I have seen this on pictures before but nothing is like taking in all the magnificence with my own eyes. The view was incredulous!  You can actually see Coronet Peak to the north and the iconic Remarkables mountain range to the east. 
Across the deep blue waters of Lake Wakatipu to the southwest you see Cecil Peak (1974m) and Walter Peak (1815m). 
You can see all of Queenstown, Queenstown Bay and  Queenstown Gardens.
Frankton Arm looks so near from Bob's Peak and looking beyond you can see as far as the township of Frankton. 

The "I Was There" Photos
I am not very good with selfies but these are for memory keepsake.

The Beautiful Surround
There is a 'on top of the world feeling' felt at Bob's Peak. I love the ambiance of the surround. Thankfully the weather was super fine.

I walked around and really enjoyed being there.

What Else Is At Bob's Peak?
I came to Bob's Peak mainly for the view but some came for mountain biking. A few types of passes are available and have to be purchased at the base. Many others came to enjoy a thrilling gravity-fueled ride in the three-wheeled Luge carts. 
These thrill seekers will ride the Luge down and get transported up again by chairlifts.
Two young boys having a gala time with the Luge. They are on their way up ferrying their luge carts along after riding downhill.
There are two food and beverage outlets at Bob's Peak. The Market Kitchen Cafe offers a good range of food for interested diners.
Another option for dining at Bob's Peak is Stratosfare Restaurant And Bar.
There is also a souvenir shop that sells interesting authentic made in New Zealand products. 
Souvenirs sold at the shop

Other Attraction At Skyline Base
There is a Kiwi Birdlife Park beside the base of the Skyline Station but I skipped this. Other attractions seemed momentarily insignificant when there's the enthralling panorama yet to digest.

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