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Things To Do In Queenstown: Walk The Town

My recent holidays in Queenstown is most memorable. It is nothing like the touch and go travel one is normally subject to in group tours organised by most travel agents. We got to call the shot and did all the things we'd wanted to do to our hearts' content. 
One thing we always find meaningful is walking the streets of the place we stay in. In Queenstown we had ample opportunity to thoroughly explore the hub of its town. Even though most of our days were spent making excursions to places around Otago, Fiordland and Southland, by early evening we would have been back in Queenstown. That was when we trod its streets in search of nice things to eat. We would weave in and out of the of the various lanes and corners to see what the town has to offer. It is a beautiful town indeed and there were a lot of interesting finds.

The town of Queenstown is neither too big nor too small. It is not so small that you'll easily get bored but not so big that that you'll need public transport to move around. This post highlights some of its streets, shops and parks that we've grown so familiar with.

Shotover Street
Shotover Street is one of the wider and longer streets that runs through the town centre. It is always bubbling with activities here. There are a couple of supermarkets, many restaurants and shops along this street. The famous Fergburger Restaurant that I talked about in a previous post is also located on Shotover Street. (Click to view)

Camp Street
Camp Street which is perpendicular to Shotover Street is another major street in Queenstown. There are plenty of things to eat and see along this street.

Subway on Camp Street is probably the only restaurant that offers a meal as cheap as NZ$4.90 in Queenstown. A meal elsewhere normally cost more than double that price.
Pizza lovers will love Queenstown as there are many pizza joints here. Fat Badgers is one of them.
This clocktower building located at the corner of Camp Street and Shotover Street is Queenstown's official visitor information site.

Marine Parade
The Marine Parade is a lakefront area overlooking the stunning Lake Wakatipu. It is a great place to hang out over snacks, takeaway meals or just with a friend to enjoy the scenic lake and mountains beyond.
A few interesting art galleries are located along Marine Parade. Artbay Gallery is one of the more spectacular ones.

Exhibits of Artbay Gallery.

Vesta Design Store is famous for its rare and collectible design goods and is housed in the town's oldest cottage at Marine Parade.
The Bathhouse Cafe And Restaurant is uniquely designed and this is one of my favourite architecture in town.
 Manata Statue is is an interesting statue that is found near The Bathhouse.
Towards the end of Marine Parade is Queenstown's Fallen Soldiers Memorial. Beyond this is the path that leads to Queenstown Gardens.
Sporadically located within the town are heritage buildings like this "Eichard's Hotel" which has a history that dates back to 1869. 

Beach Street
Beach Street is another very long street that runs all the way from Camp Street to Lake Esplanade where many luxury apartments and villas are located.

Five foot way vendors are rare in Queenstown as most businesses operate from proper retail outlets.
The Remarkables Sweet Shop is a chain of shops selling all types of sweet stuffs and their vibrant facades are always eye turners.

This huge moa statue is located at Beach Street near to the wharf.

Mall Street
Mall Street is a pedestrianized street which houses Queenstown Mall. It is lined with retail shops, boutiques and restaurants many of which offer al fresco dining.

Ballarat Street
Ballarat Street is a continuation of Mall Street and it is also a pedestrian street.

Rees Street
The Mountaineer Building on Rees Street is one of Queenstown's heritage buildings that is painstakingly preserved.
Photo of The Mountaineer Building taken in the evening

A statue of  William Gilbert Rees (6 April 1827 — 31 October 1898) is erected along Rees Street.  This man is regarded as the founder of Queenstown.

Church Street
There is a beautiful church at the corner of Church Street and Camp Street.  St Peter's Anglican Church was built in 1932.
The lower half of Church Street offers town accommodation to visitors. There are a number of town lodges but you'll normally have to pay a lot more if you choose to stay in the town centre.

O'Cornell's Shopping Centre
O'Cornells  is a covered shopping mall at the corner of Camp Street and Beach Street. There are many retail outlets and a food court here.

Village Green
What's nice about Queenstown is the easy availability of  public spaces to relax and hang out within the town centre itself. The Village Green is one such place that is landscaped with seating areas for the public. The green overlooks the main shopping streets and is close to bars and shops.

Eanslaw Park
Eanslaw Park is another area where you can see a lot of people relax and just do nothing. This park overlooks the lake.

Steamer Wharf
Steamer Wharf is Queenstown's eating, drinking and entertainment destination. There are bars and restaurant with  great ambiance and fantastic views as this place is located on the waterfront. There is also a casino here.
 Pub On Wharf

Searle Lane
Where there is good food, there will be people no matter how hidden the eatery is. At Searle Lane, Taco Medic operates from just a tiny stall but the long queue speaks volume about the food it sells. 
This stall sells Mexican tacos and tortillas and we joined the crowd to get a taste of this popular cuisine during one of the evenings.

Queenstown Bay
The commercial activities of the town extends to Queenstown Bay. Perky's Bar And Coffee Shop operates from a boat that floats on the bay.
This bay area is also where you can enjoy boat cruises operated by a few companies.

Park Street
Park Street is a street that curves away from the hub of town but this is one of my favorite streets. You can really enjoy the beautiful lake from Park Street. 

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