Friday 26 January 2018

A Penang Attraction: Strolling The Streets Of Heritage Georgetown.

There is a certain charm about Penang that makes me long to return after a lapse of time. Besides the allure of its hawker's food, I am somewhat attracted to the simplicity of its lifestyle, and the pace of it which is neither too fast nor too slow. There is always a list of things to do as new attractions are constantly being added. Creative and quaint museums that have mushroomed around its capital city in recent years are great venues to spend one's time too. There are also the evocative street arts, an attraction that is free for all who walk the streets and there are many heritage structures that tell you Penang is indeed steeped in history.

The old streets and lanes and the well preserved old buildings lining these streets are worth spending time to goggle at. Many of these buildings have been given makeovers and they look stunning indeed. Some have been transformed from residential homes to commercial premises and some have been painted with colours so vibrant and attractive that they need no begging to be photographed!

Here's sharing with you photos I took during my leisurely strolls around Georgetown, Penang.

  Jalan Krian
Jalan Krian is a minor road that branches off Jalan Macalister. The row of shops that line this street is painted in vivid yellow and is quite a charming sight to look at.

 Jalan Kek Chuan
The shops at Jalan Kek Chuan albeit a short row is one of the most striking city scene and are head turners for drivers or pedestrians who pass by. 

  Jalan Nagor
Jalan Nagor, a street named after Nagore, a town in Tamil Naidu, India is another impressive looking streets with shops that have been given makeovers.
Also know as Nagore Square this area which houses many F&B outlets is one of Georgetown's entertainment hubs.

Jalan Rangoon
Penang is dotted with many heritage mansions including this one along Jalan Rangoon. 

Lebuh Armenian
Lebuh Armenian is probably the epitome of heritage Georgetown. Located in the UNESCO world heritage cultural zone, it is also a top tourist destination attracting throngs of visitors each day.

While a few buildings remain as residential homes most have been transformed into commercial units to take advantage of the large tourist crowds that walk the street during the day time.
Lebuh Armenian is reminiscent of Melaka's Jonker Street in terms of architecture and culture. Both are equally famous in their respective city.

Beach Street
Beach Street is a very long street that runs parallel to Weld Quay, a road fronting the sea. There are many heritage buildings, some of which have been turned into cafes and restaurants along this street. One of them is China House which is also the longest cafe in Penang.
The backyard of China House have structures that will take you back in time.

Jalan Macalister
The major stretch of Jalan Macalister is lined with normal shops and restaurants but a few heritage buildings are easily identified. Sun Yat-Sen Centre is one of them.
Two very beautiful churches stand out along Jalan Macalister. One of them, St Paul's Church is an Anglican Church with a history that dates back to 1886. It now occupies a premise that was built in 1930.
Church of Our Lady of Sorrows is a Catholic Church established as early as 1888. The current premise was built much later in 1958.

Lebuh Melayu
Many heritage building have beautiful facades. This one in Lebuh Melayu comes with a designer door and pretty wall and floor tiles.

Lorong Ikan
The trishaws have been a mode of transport for many decades in Penang. Today they can still be seen but only tourists would ride on them.

Random Location
I can't remember where I saw all the facades below but the very fact that I took photos of them means they did make an impression.

The modern part of Penang is never as exciting to me but the sunset in Georgetown is simply gorgeous!

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