Saturday 6 January 2018

Penang Food Galore: 1. Best Roti Canai In Penang

I've known of friends who would drive a couple hundred of kilometers just to have a good meal before driving home again. I appreciate good food from famous eateries too but I am not half as diehard. I'll usually make my trip more worthwhile by killing more birds with one stone, like this recent trip of mine to Penang. Though it was meant to be a food trip, meaning the priority is to eat, we (Ronnie & I) took the opportunity to explore a few places which we were yet to visit in-between eating.
Our extended stay in Penang enabled us to patronize more eateries this time and I am sharing reviews of the food we ate. But as far as food is concerned, one man's meat may be another's poison so there can never be a 100% consensus on which is the best or what is awesome and what is not.

The Best Roti Canai In Penang?
Roti Canai is an all time Malaysian favourite food usually eaten for breakfast. It is a roundish (but can be made squarish), flat bread grilled on a big flat pan and served with dhall curry or any other types of curries. It is also called flying bread as in the process of making, the dough is flattened, tossed and twirled high up in the air several times before being shaped to cook on the pan. 

FoodAdvisor and many food bloggers say the best roti canai in Penang is the Transfer Road roti canai. We walked 950 meters from our hotel to have breakfast at this stall one morning.
This famous roti canai stall operates from a covered five-foot path somewhere half-way along the length of Transfer Road. Tables set up along the five foot way were filled up and patrons were seen spilling to the roadside. This stall is obviously popular among the locals.
There are two main food vendors here, one selling roti canai and drinks and another selling roti bakar. They are probably two different entities as you will need to pay separately for the food ordered.
These stalls are tended by Mamaks (or Indian Muslims) who are big players in Penang food businesses.
Most patrons appeared to be eating this: the roti canai soaking in curry with a chicken thigh on top. We decided to eat the same thing but without the chicken and with the curry served separately.
Tada! That's our roti telur (egg roti) with an unsightly smear of curry all over the plate. "F" for food presentation was the initial grade I accorded this roti canai. Fortunately it tasted great. The curry is quite special but the roti is not exceptional as I can get better ones near my home that comes with a slight crisp on the outside. So it's A for the curry and B+ for the roti. 
We wanted to know why so many tables ordered this, so we decided to try the roti bakar from the adjacent stall. This buttered and toasted bread with two half boiled eggs on top tasted quite ordinary yet it is so popular. Some food vendors are simply lucky!

This famous stall doesn't have an address actually but the address is often stated as 110 Transfer Road. Here's the reason why!
Just across the road are a few shops and one of them, known as M Boy motor has the address 110 D. By the way all the premises along Transfer Road have addresses that are totally disorganized, as they are not sequentially arranged. 

I hope this write-up is helpful if you are eager to visit this stall to gauge the quality of its roti canai. By the way, the stall is opened everyday from 8am till 11 am. 

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VPK said...

Thanks. Great to read real honest reviews!

Lily... said...

U can say all my reviews are frank to the core but then again food review is subject to individual taste.

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