Wednesday 10 January 2018

Penang Food Galore: 3. Flower Pot BBQ Chicken At Easy Brew Cafe

I came across an interesting value-for-money deal while browsing through Fave's food promotion a few days before my trip to Penang. A restaurant known as Easy Brew at Lebuh Pantai was offering a set meal of flower pot bbq chicken plus drinks and other extras for only RM35. This meal was good for four and even though there were just the two of us it was still unbelievably cheap. The advertising did the ultimate trick as the picture presented on Fave (see picture below) was so virtually tantalizing and irresistible that I simply had to be there to feast on the offered set meal.

Easy Brew Cafe is housed in a very old shop lot at Beach Street, Georgetown. Entering the premise you can see on display an array of coffee beans imported from all over the world. We didn't specifically come for its coffee for which it is a connoisseur in but we came to redeem our purchase of the flower pot chicken set meal. 
The cafe not only offers an elaborate coffee menu, it also offers a food menu with a good range of desserts, light meals and main meals most of which are western eats.
The cafe is very long with seating spread out along the entire length of the premise. 
The dining area is concentrated at a cozy garden towards the back part of the cafe.  Adorned with shrubs and plants and spruced up with lovely statues and garden decors, the garden area would have been the ideal ambiance for dining if not for our Malaysian heat and humidity. This area is open air and much as you would love to, it is close to impossible to sit and dine here during lunchtime when the weather is at its hottest. 
While waiting for our food to be ready we explored the garden. Though the maintenance of the garden is not impeccable, I still like the setting of the place which I think is a brilliant concept for outdoor dining. If the proprietor could install more fans and coolants during noon time and insect repellent during evening and night time it would probably be more comfortable for diners. 

I came here for the flower pot chicken without really knowing why the term 'flower-pot' is used. Walking around the garden, you can see four flower-pots specially improvised to become ovens for roasting  chickens, thus the term 'flower pot chicken'. The ovens are operated by cooking gas.

We hurried back to our table when our meal was about to be served. We found the coolest spot to sit inside. 
Since our set meal package came with drinks for four persons, we had two each. We opted for the black iced coffee and an iced tea. 
This is exactly how our flower pot bbq chicken was served. It came with a bowl of colored rice, a bowl of potatoes, three types of dipping sauce and some fresh vegetables. It appears almost like the advertised version albeit it is a tad less fanciful. Anyway we dug in and because the serving was meant for four we could not finish all of it and left some wasted. Anyway it was quite a delectable and a very scrumptious meal.

145-147, Lebuh Pantai,
10300 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia. OFFICE
6973, Jalan Raja Uda,
12300 Butterworth,
Penang, Malaysia.

TEL : +60(4)2618737

Open : 12pm to 11pm   Mon-Thurs
            12pm to 12am   Sat-Sun

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