Thursday 15 February 2018

Hokkaido Pt 3: Hairy Crab Steamboat At Kani Goten

Anyone coming to Hokkaido must try its crabs as Hokkaido is famous for crabs which thrive well in its northern seas. We ate a fair bit of crabs for this trip, our first crab meal being at at Kani Goten in Takeura, Shiraoi. 
Kani Goten is both a market as well as a seafood restaurant. It is located by the sea just next to the Muoran Highway (Route 36). The restaurant is easily spotted as there is a gigantic statue of a bear and a fairly large statue of a fish on it roof. 
The ground floor is a market where you can get fresh seafood like salmon, octopus, and a variety of crabs. One section of the market sells dry stuffs, including non-food items. The restaurant is located on the first floor.

It is a huge restaurant that can cater to a couple hundreds of patrons. There are a number of set menus to choose from.
 Ours is a hairy crab steamboat, called 'Thalva Pan' which you cook in a metal pan.

When the weather is cold, one of the best things to eat is steamboat. 
The set comes with crab rice, where seasoned shreds of crab meat and a little salmon roe are placed on top of steamed white rice.
The rice was so good but the steamboat was just average. The boiled hairy crab was not as good as expected. Anyway we were hungry and ate everything leaving nothing to waste!

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