Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Hokkaido Pt 8: Shiroi Kobito Park

I love parks and flowers but winter is generally not a good time to visit Japanese parks because you won't get to see any flowers.  Because of this I didn't expect much of Shiroi Koibito Park when I visited it during the peak of winter. I know I wouldn't be able to see even a single rose from its rose gardens for which the park is famous for but in spite of this, the park is an allure!

By the way Shiroi Koibito which literally means 'White Lover" refers to a type of chocolate cookie manufactured and sold by Ishiya Co. Ltd in Hokkaido. The company's signature product which comes in the form of white and milk chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of French cookies (known as langue de chat) is a big name in Hokkaido and sells like hot cakes (this product is shown in picture above). Tourists who visit this confectionery would cart away boxes of these delicacies to bring home with them. 
Within the compound of this confectionery is a beautiful park also operated by the company and this was the first place we visited in Sapporo. 

The first cute thing I saw are statues of eight chefs climbing a light tower monument. The entire park was beautifully lit. 

The  buildings which house the confectionery and factory and all the props within the park are a display of magnificent architecture and design. The park is made to look and feel like a wonderland and kids especially, would love to be here for sure!

Even though entry into the main compound is free, a few attractions within the park requires separate entrance charges. Among the attractions listed are Gulliver Town, Kids Town and Shiroi Koibito (miniature) Railway. 

The park is not very big, only about 480 sq meter but every spot is great spot for photography.

This hole in the heart is supposed to be the best spot to take photograph. Surrounded by a rose garden (which was barren during my visit) with the Automaton Clock in the background, I can imagine how beautiful it would be during spring when all the roses are in full bloom!

I love the miniature houses on display. They are furnished with miniature furniture and gadgets and kids are allowed to go in and play.

The main building houses the confectionery which looks very grand and posh. There are interesting activities available within this premise like 'Factory Tour' to see how the cookies are made and a cookie craft studio for those interested to make and decorate own cookies. These are however pay activities which come with extra charges.
There is a cafe, a restaurants, a chocolate lounge and a souvenir shop as well.

Other than the famous Shiroi Koibito cookies, there is a range of other products for sale. Among some are, candies, wafers, chocolates, puddings and cakes. 

Note: All the products purchased come with a 10% tax. To get these items without tax, it is wiser to purchase them at the New Chitose Airport before departing for home. 
I bought one box of Shiroi Koibito cookies but didn't really like them because they are too sweet!

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