Tuesday 20 February 2018

Hokkaido Pt 5: The Wintry Charm Of Toyako-Cho

Toyako-Cho is a commune comprising the town of Abuta and the village of Toya. Though my visit is just a fleeting one, I've enjoyed the laid back lifestyle and wintry landscape of the place. The serenity was therapeutic and the snowy white vista most alluring. 

Posted here are some photos to remember this beautiful place.
   Toyako Gurutto Chokuku Park and Lake Toya

   A Shop At Toyako Onsen

   A Road Near Toyako Onsen

   Toya National Highway

   Toya National Highway

   An Unnamed Village

   An Unnamed Village

   Colourful Houses Of A Village

   Wild Countryside Of Toyako-Cho

   Two Baby Snowman

   Toyako-Cho Countryside

   Snowmobiling At Snow World Toya.  
    A one hour ride for two cost  ¥15000 (approx RM550). Ouchh that's pretty      

   Beautiful Toya Countryside

    Along A Highway

   The Wild Country Of Toyako-Cho

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Hokkaido Pt 10: Sapporo Sightseeing II
Hokkaido Pt 11: Hokkaido Historical Village



Scahayamurni said...

Wow...beautiful first time opening your blog..
Hmmm very interesting...sure to follow..congrats Lily! nice travel blog....

Lily... said...

TQ for the motivation. Appreciate it.

Unknown said...


May I confirm with you the exact location of the snow world toya? Is below location from google map correct?,140.8430149,15.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x5f755150b439497d:0xaa7ab60cac6cc45b!8m2!3d42.6718001!4d140.8431126



Lily... said...

This is a little tricky as it is the middle of nowhere, along a highway. If you are in the area, the hotelier may be able to help.

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