Friday 8 June 2018

Getting To Know Changsha

Changsha is the capital city of Hunan Province and it is a robust city indeed. Though it has a history of 3500 years, it looks very modern and developed. Changsha does offer first time visitors a number of tourist attractions but the attractions in neighboring Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang supercede that of Changsha so this city is often overlooked. Housing Hunan's International airport does help to boost tourism here as many would use it as a transit city. I was in Changsha en route to some of Hunan's most popular destinations in Fenghuang and Zhangjiajie. I stayed 2 nights in transit and got to know this city a fair bit.

See how developed this city is?

Traffic is usually heavy on the streets of Changsha.

The city is not totally concrete. Many stretches of roads are beautifully landscaped.

In the midst of concrete high rises, I saw a very different type of architecture here. 

Xiangxiang Scenic Belt
Slightly away from the city, you can take a breather. Xiangjiang Scenery Belt is a stretch of park beside Xiangjiang River.

This is the city skyline seen from the edge of Xiangjiang River.

This shop near the river's edge has an interesting facade

Seen here is a unique wall decor of a shop by the edge of Xiangjiang River.

Bamboo Slip Museum
I visited a museum that is dedicated to all types of recorded text before paper was invented. This museum that seeks to preserve the ancient cultural relics costs US$9.75 million to build.

A very unique carving is seen at the exit of the museum.

Xiangxiu Museum
Who would believe that these are not paintings? Xiangxiu Museum/shop is a gallery that exhibit Hunan embroidery, pieces of work that are so refined they couldn't be distinguished from real paintings. Art lovers should visit this place.

Huangxing Pedestrian Street
Huangxin Street is a famous pedestrian street where people flock to shop and dine.

You see an interesting food culture on this street.

Skewered insects and arthropods are delicacies here.

A lot of interesting and unusual food can be found at the food courts.

Free Clothes Anybody?
I came across an interesting way used by Changsha residents to recycle clothes on a public street. Hangers are provided in an enclosed cabinet and donors would hang attires to be given away there. Out of curiosity I had a peek inside and wow, the clothes are almost as good as new. 

Goodbye Changsha
My trip around Hunan Province finally came to an end. I managed to take this picture of Changsha International Airport before being dropped off at the terminal.


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