Sunday, 3 June 2018

Zhangjiajie Pt 6: Glimpses Of Zhangjiajie

This is my last post on Zhangjiajie. I thought I should remember more of Zhangjiajie through these random photos which I took from a bus. 
Zhangjiajie is a big city with a big suburb and outskirt area. It offers a long list of tourist attractions but the general landscape itself is an attraction to me.

  A busy street with beautiful mountains as a backdrop.

   Commercial and residential high-rises is a common sight.

   A river that flows through the city

   A typical street

   I have always dreamed of an umbrella over my head when I rode my motorbike. We 
   are yet to have this in my home country.   

   Boy and father on a shielded motorbike.

  The calming cityscape of Zhangjiajie

   The city at night.

   On a busy road at night

   Zhangjiajie Suburb

   Zhangjiajie Suburb

  Zhangjiajie Outskirt

  Houses by the countryside

   Plenty of streams and mountains

   Love the freshness and lushness of the place.
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