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Zhangjiajie Pt 5: Other Attractions I Visited

Zhangjiajie is a land of many mountains. Its captivating landscape centers around its unique peaks, streams and lakes amidst a verdant and lush vegetation. Zhangjiajie does offer many other surprises for its first time visitors. Coming to Zhangjiajie, I got to experience walking on one of the world's longest glass bridges, ride on the world's longest cableway, and ascend a hill on the world's tallest elevator;  that's just to mention a few. Despite the enormous crowds and the agony of waiting to get into its major attractions, the experiences can be considered rewarding.
I have written at length about some of its major attractions (see links at the end of this post) but have decided to include its minor ones as well.

1. 10-Mile Natural Gallery
The 10-Mile Natural Gallery is a 5.8 km scenic road located at the base of Tianzi Mountain. Visitors either do a leisurely hike on it or take an electric train to enjoy the panorama of bizarre peaks surrounded by a very luxuriant green vegetation. 

There are about 200 peaks, many of which look like sculptured artwork. That's probably the reason why it is called a natural gallery. Imaginative observers made out the various rock formation to be 'an old man collecting medicine', 'parents holding a son', 'three sisters' etc. 

That's me posing with peaks known as "Three Sisters"

2. Golden Whip Stream Scenic Area
Golden Whip Stream Scenic Area centers around a 7.8km stream with unpolluted, crystal clear water running through a serene valley that is surrounded by tall peaks and a lush forest. It features a rich diversity of floras and nice falls.

3. Jungsheng Sandstone Art Painting Gallery
While water colour painting, oil painting or acrylic painting are commonly heard of few could perceive what sandstone paintings look like. Pioneered by Li Junsheng of Zhangjiajie, this genre of painting shows that man's creativity knows no bound.  

Using sandstones and natural materials like colurful sand and gravel, portions of plants etc., unbelievably beautiful artworks are produced. 

Junhsheng Sandstone Painting Art Gallery is open to visitors to exhibit some of its priceless pieces. While some are just for display there are pieces for sale as well.

4. Xibu Street
Xibu Street is a pedestrian street located in the ruins of the ancient city of Tujia. This street features unique architecture and I like it because it looks ancient. The shops sell a variety of ethnic handicraft, souvenirs, snacks and other foodstuff.

There is an ancient looking temple along the street.

There are interesting shops and restaurants but many were close during my visit.

5.Charming Xiangxi Show
The Charming Xiangxi Show was not up to my expectation but the props in the theater were quite commendable.

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