Monday, 29 April 2019

Top Things To Do In Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a modern coastal city with quite a long list of interesting destination to see. Listed below are the places I visited, the highlights of which have been briefly summarized.

1. Po Nagar Cham Temple Complex
The structures in Po Nagar Cham Temple Complex really took me by surprise as they appear out of place in present-day Vietnam. They are somewhat similar to the ancient monuments I saw in Siem Reap and are among the oldest heritage structures inherited by Nha Trang being built way back between the 8th and 11th centuries by the Cham people, (an ethnic group of Austronesian origin in SEAsia who once ruled over central Vietnam). The intricate details displayed showcased the architectural skills of these people who were originally Hindus. The various monuments in the complex are supposedly dedicated to different Hindu deities. The tallest building, at 25 metres, the Po Nagar Kalan, is of course the most impressive.

2. National Oceanographic Museum
A visit to National Oceanographic museum is especially meaningful to those who love marine life. Housed in a French colonial building by the sea shore, this museum features a large collection of living and preserved marine life and other marine related exhibits. This is also a research institute where about 60,000 jars of preserved marine life are kept.

3. Nha Trang Cathedral
Christ The King Cathedral aka Nha Trang Cathedral was built in 1928 during the French Colonial rule over Vietnam. This imposing structure with a gothic style architecture is well preserved and is still a functional place of worship for the Catholics. The church features a clock tower, myriads of graves containing cremation ashes on its external wall and a beautiful interior with colourful stained glass windows.

4.Long Son Pagoda
Long Son Pagoda aka Chua Long Son which is located at the foothill of Trai Thuy mountain is famous for its 24 meters white Buddha statue which sits atop a hill. Visitors can climb 152 steps to reach the peak where the statue is located. The peak also makes a good view point over the city.

5.Hon Chong Rocks
The Hon Chong Rocks are chunks of rocks that sit on a small promontory. The rocks, stacked on each other appeared artistic and is a spectacular sight. This is a very popular attraction as evidenced by the massive crowds that hang around, otherwise it would have been a great place to relax. Nearby is 'Coffee Hon Chong', a big open-air restaurant that is also jam packed with tourists. In the vicinity is a cultural centre where musicians belt out some tunes with their traditional musical instruments.

6. Hot Springs @ i-Resort
There are four major hot spring areas in Nha Trang where visitors can have a good dip in hot spring water or mud pools, the most famous being the one at i-Resort. The basic entrance fee of 120000 VND includes access to all the hot spring pools within the resort. Visitors are also given a bottle of mineral water, free rental of towel, swimwear, and locker. Access to mud pools are separately charged.  

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