Thursday 4 April 2019

Top Attractions Of Dalat Part II

The number of attractions in the hill city of Dalat certainly exceeded my expectation. After spending two days visiting some of its top destination, I realised there are still many left to visit. I guess I'll have to leave those for my next trip should I ever revisit Dalat again.

One of Dalat's natural attractions are its waterfalls. There are more than ten famous ones around Dalat but you can actually see many smaller falls cascading from the hills' rocky ledges on the road journey up the city. I only managed to visit Datanla Waterfall which is one of the two bigger falls located closest to the city centre. 

Datanla Waterfall
Datanla Waterfall has become a little commercialised due to its close proximity to the hub of Dalat. Nevertheless, a visit here is still a worthwhile and fun activity for first time visitors to the city. An entrance fee of 10,000 VND is required to enter the waterfall area. There are a number of optional activities within the waterfall ground like hiking and trekking and pay-activities like the roller coaster go-kart ride and cable car ride which require separate fees. Datanla Fall may not be the best available in Dalat, but I have to admit I had fun especially taking the go-kart through the jungly track amidst a lush foliage. Taking the cable car ride is also a good option to view Datanla's river gorges and other falls deeper inside.

Dalat's Crazy House aka Hang Nga Guesthouse
Dalat's Crazy House is actually a functional hotel with 10 guest rooms, each individually designed and furnished. Eight of the rooms are themed and named after animals while two are after plants. Besides the hotel block which is a 5 storey bizarre building, there are many other weird extensions, all of which are interconnected by unconventional type of stairways, passageways and bridges. Designed by a female Vietnamese architect, Dang Viet Nga who has a PhD in architecture from the University of Moscow, Dalat's Crazy House which is also opened to the public has become one of Dalat's top attractions. 
Crazy House looks like a fairy-tale comes alive and everything about this attraction exudes insane creativity. Walk in visitors pay an entrance fee of 40,000 VND and will have a good time exploring all its corners. Because of its eccentricity and uniqueness it is an attraction not to be missed.

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