Friday 28 December 2012

Bali Attractions: Buffet Lunch At Lakeview Restaurant ; Mount Batur & Lake Batur

The main attractions in the Kintamani region are incontestably Mount Batur & Lake Batur.We wanted to enjoy the cool mountain air and savour the panaromic view of the surrounding volcanoes and lake over a nice meal. We read about Lakeview Restaurant before we came to Bali and after comparing it with some others, concluded that it is probably the best place to settle for.
This is Lakeview Hotel and Restaurant. Earlier on I  corresponded with the GM who told me his restaurant is not popular among the Balinese drivers as they could not make a commission out of bringing tourist to dine here since the restaurant practised a fixed price policy. Buffet Lunch is priced at IDR116,000 nett per pax but because  I made a reservation through the internet I got a discount of 20% (I paid IDR 92800 nett per pax)
This is the main door of the restaurant.
Diners can choose to dine inside the main restaurant where the buffet spread is displayed,
or at the main deck, an open-air space with a good view of the volcano and the lake.
Photo of the main deck.
Initially we sat here but it started to drizzle and we moved to sit at the side deck.
This is the side deck and  I think it is the best place to sit as there is a roof over it and at the same time it is open-air. You can also get an unobstructed view of the volcano and the lake from here.
Pumpkin soup.
The food is not bad but many items have turned cold  due to the cool mountair air. The food would have been more appetizing had they been kept warm in food warmers.
This photo is taken from the main deck of Lakeview restaurant.
Mount Batur has erupted approx 24 times since 1800 and is still active.
Lake Batur is the largest crater lake in Bali. From a distance the lake looked so serene. We left the placed feeling quite impressed.

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nicol said...

Hi, can i know how you book through internet for this restaurant?

Lily... said...

I went into the restaurant website and e-mailed the manager for reservation. By the way this is also a hotel.

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