Friday 28 December 2012

Bali Attractions: Planning A 4D/3N Itinerary

As this is my husband's 4th but my first trip to Bali, I was given the honour to plan the itinerary the way I deem fit. As we will be arriving at noon and checking out at 1pm on the last day, our stay is reduced to a mere 3 full days.
Since there are too many things to do and to see, I had to come up with a priority list.  Top on my list are seeing nature and beautiful scenery, eating authentic Balinese food and seeing Balinese lifestyle. Bottom on the list are visiting temples, seeing cultural dances, shopping and activities that are time consuming.

It would be ideal to rent a car or motorbike and drive ourselves but to save the hassle of getting an international licence (mind you the police are quite active there)  and to avoid the headache of getting lost on unfamiliar roads and traffic system, we decided to rent a car (with driver). 
To save time, we've also decided to stay put in 1 hotel of our choice instead of checking in and out of 2 or 3 different hotels.( packing and unpacking is something I dread doing)

And that was how I came up with my itinerary.

  • Day 1:  * Check-in Dreamland Luxury Villas and Spa (that's the hotel of our choice)

                    * Eat seafood and watch sunset at Jimbaran Beach

       Day 2:  *Visit a few handicraft centres  
                   * Visit Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee) plantation

                   * Eat lunch at a nice restaurant in Kintamani to view the volcanoes and 
                     Batur Lake

                   * Visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace

                   * Visit Pasar Seni Sukawati 

                   * Visit the upper-end district of Nusa Dua(as my hotel is nearby)
                      Eat the signature crispy duck at Bebek Bengil restaurant (Nusa Dua 
                     Visit Nusa Dua Beach

       Day 3:  * Visit Tanah Lot

                   * Visit Beratan Lake and Pura Ulundanu

                   *  Eat Babi Guling (lunch)

                   *  Visit Candi Kuning vegetable and fruit market.

                   *  Relax and rest at hotel

                   *  Balinese food for dinner

       Day 4:  *  Relax and Enjoy Hotel Facilities

                   *  Have A Nice Balinese Lunch
                   *  Check-out 

In planning an itinerary the location of your hotel has to be taken into consideration as that marks the starting and ending point of a day's tour. It is also good to get a driver staying not too far from your hotel. Next do get a map of Bali for easy reference.

We have also done these in advance (from home):
i) book a hotel after a careful review. (Make sure you do not go through unauthorised 

ii) book a car and driver (it is wise not to make payment until after your tour in Bali)
    My itinerary was e-mailed to the driver. He found a few things not feasible and 
    adjusted the itinerary for me. I paid IDR 700000 for a 2 full day tour. In addition 
    to the fees agreed upon, I also gave a handsome tip to our driver as the fees I paid   
    is just a pittance compared to the distance we traveled and the long hours     

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Anonymous said...

hey, this is Julie, planning to go to Bali on the 3rd week of September. Where did you book for a car and driver?

Lily... said...

Bali Victory Tour. Sorry my reply is a little late.

Lily... said...

I suggest you look up travel website like tripadvisor and make booking through Agoda( usually the cheapest).

Unknown said...

Great planning of your itinerary! From my own experience I recommend you to try package tours via We had great experience with them this summer. Guys organized cool tour across all the island)

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