Friday 28 December 2012

Bali Attractions:A Visit To Nusa Dua And Dining At Bebek Bengil

While most of Bali remains underdeveloped, with very narrow trunk roads and old-fashion buildings, the Nusa Dua Region is somewhat a welcome change. Nusa Dua is an upper-end district housing most of Bali's 5 star hotels and resorts. It is cleaner,  well-landscaped and the roads are broader with better flow of traffic. 
Bali Collection in Nusa Dua is a shopping street with contemporary looking shops.
The good thing here is you do not see salesgirls harassing you to buy their goods.
Nusa Dua beach is also popular and it is much cleaner than Jimbaran Beach.
The gradient seems gentler and it looks safe even for little children.
The main reason we came to Nusa Dua is to dine at Bebek Bengil aka Dirty Duck Diner. The main branch is at Tegal Sari in Ubud, but our itinerary did not permit us to be in Ubud during dinner time.  (This place is nearer to my hotel)
 This restaurant is a rented premise while the one in Tegal Sari is self-owned.
You can choose to dine in the main restaurant or in small huts outside. (see photo above)
The restaurant opens out to the beach.
We ordered their signature crispy duck.
This is half a duck, a portion sufficient for only 1 person. It is fried until so crispy you can even eat the bones.
A condiment that comes with the duck.
Very appetizing onion condiment.
Another very savoury sambal.
A very ordinary-tasting side dish that accompanies the duck meal.
Overall it was a splendid and unforgettable meal albeit a little pricey.
All in we paid  IDR 315,436 inclusive of 17% tax for 2 sets of the crispy duck. That is close to RM100 or USD32. I was told by a staff the same meal will cost 30% cheaper in Tegal Sari. (Rental in Nusa Dua is high indeed)

Bebek Bengil
The Bay - Nusa Dua  (just opposite Bali Collection)
Area BTDC Lot C-O Bali
Tel: 0361-8948111

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