Friday, 13 December 2013

Darjeeling Part 10: Glimpses Of Darjeeling

I would probably not come back to Darjeeling again but I would like to remember Darjeeling as a place that offers  so much cultural and geographical diversity. The 26 photos posted below are glimpses of Darjeeling, its people and their lifestyle.
A pedestrian street.
I was panting hard walking along this stretch as the gradient is about 50 degrees.
The standard and cost of living is still very low here.
The walkways are filled with petty traders displaying more or less the same products trying to eke out a living.
Shoe shine business is very competitive here. You don't see 1 or 2 but the whole row of shoe-shiners.
Students marching down the road. There is no uniformity in uniforms worn by Darjeeling  school students as other students were spotted with different types of uniforms.
A man selling vegetables on the walkway. All items sold in Darjeeling are wrapped with paper (newspapers included) as plastic bags are banned here. A fine of Rs 500 is imposed on plastic bag users.
A budget lodging
A restaurant menu commonly seen in and around town.
In Darjeeling, coffee are usually sold in small cups or glasses.
Chowrasta Mall at night. It is rare to fine spacious flat land but Chowrasta Mall which is located at the top of Nehru Road lies on a piece of nice flat land.
Oxford Book & Stationery, an old bookstore in Chowrasta Mall.
A shop in Chowrasta Mall
The Post Office
"A Busy Street".  Streets in Darjeeling are narrow, congested and very polluted. The word "Market" in Dragon Market here refers to a building with many small shops selling mostly garments and does not imply a wet market selling perishables.
Inside a "market"
Parallel roads are often connected by steep flight of stairs for pedestrians as the roads are on different levels of the mountain slopes. Darjeeling is a place where people walk and climb a lot. Obesity is definitely not a problem here.
A barber shop
A fishmonger selling fish on a raised platform.
A chicken shop
A tea shop
A place you can get Tibetan art and handicrafts
Darjeeling - A place where everyone lives on slopes
Look down and you see houses.
Look up and you see houses.
Congested and polluted on one side but always magnificent and serene beyond.
Bye-bye Darjeeling!

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