Wednesday 25 December 2013

Sikkim Travel Part 10: We Found The Best Momos!

The Tibetan Momos is a popular food eaten by the people of North East India. The momos are actually steamed or fried wheat dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetables. Back home in Malaysia we often refer to them as "chioche".
Momos are readily available and are sold not only by street vendors and small food kiosks but are often incorporated into hotel dining menus in this part of India.
In our quest for good momos, we actually tried this local delicacy in more than half a dozen eateries including the Elgin Hotels that we stayed in.
Momos at a restaurant along the road up to Darjeeling
Momos we had at a kiosk in New Market Road , Gangtok
Chili momos at 'Taste of Tibet' Restaurant in MG Marg, Gangtok
Momos we had at "3 C's" Restaurant in Kalimpong
Momos we tasted at New Market, Kolkata
The best momos we had was from "The Roll House", an inconspicuous food kiosk tucked away on the side of a stairway off the happening MG Marg road. [see picture above]
This stairway links MG Marg to the main market of Gangtok and there are many pedestrian that commute between the two roads.
This food kiosk manned by only three persons is small and caters for takeaways only.The locals stream in non-stop to get momos here.
We bought 1 plate of momos for 30Rs and 1 vegetarian roll for 20Rs. The vegetable roll is actually a chapati roll. We had a small feast on the bench provided at MG Marg. [30Rs = RM1.50)

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