Monday, 9 December 2013

Darjeeling Part 5: Batasia Loop, the famous railway loop in Darjeeling

Batasia Loop is a famous railway loop between the sleepy town of Ghoom and Darjeeling. Constructed in 1879, it is an engineering marvel where the train takes a very unique turn to make it possible for a very sharp descent. With this double spiral loop it becomes possible for the train to negotiate a drastic fall of about 1000 feet as it managed to somehow reduce the gradient of the slope.
This is an aerial picture of the loop, courtesy of
Batasia Loop is not all about railway tracks and trains. It has been turned into a landscaped park with flowers and benches for visitors. It is also a good viewing point, a paradise for photographers.
There is a nominal entrance fee of 10Rs per person to enter Batasia Loop.
Right in the centre stood a war memorial to commemorate the Gorkha soldiers who'd died defending the country.
Petty traders lined the edges of the loops selling bags and winter garments.
View from Batasia Loop
View from Batasia Loop
View from Batasia Loop
The road below Batasia Loop.

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