Sunday 15 December 2013

Sikkim Travel Part 3: The Colours Of Rumtek Monastery.

On our way to Gangtok, we visited the largest monastery in Sikkim.  Rumtek Monastery is located on a hill ( 5000 feet above sea level) which faces the city of Gangtok 24 km away.  Rumtek is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and is home to the community of monks which practises the 'Black Hat' sect Buddhism.
The gateway into the monastery. 
Our permit into Sikkim has to be shown before we were allowed entry.
We had a glimpse of the beautiful arts and woodwork on the gateway.
The road up was steep and we had to walk as vehicles were not allowed.
The murals on the wall.
The prayer wheels
More prayer wheels.
The main monastery.
Below are photographs detailing the vibrant colors, and designs of Sikkimese arts.
A window
Windows - different designs
Another window
The balustrade
A door knob
A small door
The ceiling
The colours, designs and beautiful wood carvings seen here have probably captured the essence of Sikkimese arts and culture.
An icon
Buddhist monks taking a breather.
Scenery from the monastery ground
A view of Gangtok from the monastery
The road down
A shop outside the monastery.

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