Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pulau Perhentian Part 7: Visiting Long Beach

It takes only about 15 to 20 minutes to walk from Coral Bay to Long Beach. There is a path through Ombak Dive Resort and through a cleared jungle path to get to ths popular beach.
This is Ombak Dive Resort, just a few buildings away from Shari La where I stayed. This route is opened to just anyone.
This is the cleared jungle path with proper pavement for people to commute between Coral Bay and Long Beach.  There are a number of backpackers' hostels off this path so this is not an entirely quiet or dangerous path to use. 
Long Beach is superior to Coral Bay beach as there are no boulders or sharp dead corals. The fine white sand and the very gentle beach gradient makes it a great place to enjoy water activities like swimming or snorkeling.
There are more commercial activities at Long Beach. Laundry shops and shops selling groceries, swimwear and souvenirs are available here.
There are also a number of restaurants. Pubs are opened only at night.
Water sport activities are available too.
There are a number of snorkelling and diving centres which also offer boat trips to other nearby islands.
This beach is a favorite among the whites.

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