Tuesday 5 August 2014

Pulau Perhentian Part 4: Shari La Island Resort Review & Photos

Bubu Resort is the best resort in Pulau Perhentian Kecil but it was fully booked so
we had to settle for the second best which I think is Shari La Island Resort. Bubu faces the east while Shari La faces the west so while one is good for its sunrise view the other, for its sunset view. 
Shari La may not be the ideal place to stay in Pulau Perhentian Kecil, but it does have its charm. Here's my review of this resort with lots of photos to feast your eyes. 
Shari La ( not Shangri La) is a beachfront resort located on the west coast of Pulau Perhentian Kecil (the small island). Among the few resorts in Teluk Aur (commonly called Coral Bay) it is certainly the best, offering its own private beach and built with a real resort setting, offering chalets in the style of traditional Malay homes. 
An advantage of choosing Shari La is its proximity to the pier as it is located just next to the pier. Piers like this (see picture above) are sporadically built to access the various chalets, or resorts in both the Perhentian Islands and some of these chalets (especially the budget ones) are pretty far away from the pier. You can forget about the luxury of concierge or porter service here so having to carry a heavy luggage to your accommodation a 10-15 min walk away sounds stressful enough to start a vacation with.

There was no problem checking in. A refundable deposit of RM100 was made at the reception counter. 
This is the reception lounge. Cordial drink is constantly served, replenished and it is on the house.
Pathways like this will bring you to your chalet. You may get a little lost initially as they branch out here and there like a maze.
This is our chalet with a deluxe room for 3.
The veranda.
Anticipating patrons to come back with wet clothes as the main activities here are water-based, clotheslines are prepared at the side of each chalet.
There is a small lounge upon entering.
Our air-conditioned bedroom is cosy but there are no windows and has to be lighted all the time. 
There are enough shelves and hanging space for our clothes even though I would have appreciated more of it. There is a long mirror too.
Room facilities include a TV, a mini bar and free wifi even though it was sluggish and often interrupted.
An appreciated feature was a bedside table and a bedside lamp for each of us.
The washroom is modestly fitted and comes with very basic toiletries; soap, shampoo bath gel, toilet paper and towels. If you want anything more you will have to bring from home. It is fitted with a water heater and its cleanliness , satisfactory.
Generally, the chalet is clean and is quite comfotable.
Getting ready to go snorkelling by the beach.
There is no adults swimming pool but there is a play pool for children. 
There are two convenience stores in the resort: One at the entrance near the reception building and the other(see picture above)  is positioned in the midst of the chalets. Electric jug is not provided in the chalet but hot water is available for free here.
This resort is not bad as there are relaxation huts and gazebos at many spots.
 There are rock gardens.
...and ongoing effort is being made to beautify the resort. 
There is a steep flight of stairs that leads to the resort private beach.
The beach comes in a few short stretches as they are divided by huge boulders. The water is crystal clear but the beaches are not that user friendly as the sea beds are full of dead corals which happen to be very sharp. A resort patron was seen bleeding from coral cut.

I did make an attempt to snorkel here and this is a photo I snapped while snorkelling. Notice the crystal clear sea water and the beautiful fishes seen here. Notice also the dead corals on the sea bed.
The sea bed as said earlier is full of sharp dead corals. An alternative beach to go to is Long Beach ( a 15 minutes walk through a cleared jungle path from Shari La). Long Beach is longer, wider, and the sand finer and it is definitely a better beach compared to this.
I didn't get to see a beautiful sunset but it was sunset nevertheless.
There is another stretch of beach on the left hand side of the resort where boats dock. It is dangerous to swim here as not only are there jelly fish, a person can be hit by boat propellers too. (There have been cases of death due to such accidents before).
This resort offers food at very reasonable prices.
The resort also offers Al fresco dining.
Just to give you an idea of pricing here.
 The resort offers a la cart seafood and buffet dinner every evening at only Rm25 per head.
Our chalet comes with breakfast.
This is our favourite eating place.
To visit other places, patrons can use the water taxis.
The best thing about staying here is the unbelievably cheap snorkelling trip you can get. For only RM30 per pax you get to snorkel at so many places. See chart above.
For those interested in diving, a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) centre is located just adjacent to Shari La.
Fish seen from the pier.
Pulau Perhentian is one of the most beautiful islands in Peninsula Malaysia.
The lighthouse seen from the resort.

Some fun time. 
We'll come back again!

Never visit Pulau Perhentian during the monsoon season as all water  activities will  come to a total standstill.  The monsoon season is from October to March.

Best Time To Come:       May to August


Unknown said...

Hi Lily :) I would like to know,do we have to pass through the front office everytime we want to go to our chalet?or there is other route?

Lily... said...

U don't have to go through the the reception office as there are other alternative path.

shanizzzz said...

Hi lily... is there any fishing done at the pier/ jetty

Lily... said...

I haven't seen anyone fishing but I think you can fish if you bring your fishing gears.

Unknown said...

I like your hat!

Lily... said...

Ha ha ha! U got good taste Jing Yi.

nhhas said...

Hi lily... do u hv shari la contact number as the website already suspended.
But I believe the resort is still there.

Thanx lily...

Lily... said...

Ya, I noticed it has been suspended. Anyway you can book thru' agents like Agoda, Expedia, Booking.Com, Airasiago, etc. These agents usually give better rates compared to booking thru' the hotel directly.

sallihanrashid said...

Hi lily, i'm travelling with my baby to perhentian soon and we have booked sha rila during our stay at perhentian. Should it be wise for me to bring baby stroller? Can I use my luggage bag there or Should i dump it all and just use my bagpack instead?

Lily... said...

A baby stroller may come in handy. Backpack looks cool but you can also opt for a luggage bag with rollers even though there are stretches along the path where you cannot roll the bag. Anyway do enjoy yourself.

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