Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pulau Perhentian Part 6: A visit To The Fishermen's Village

After snorkelling at a few venues, it was lunch time. The boatman was probably happy to drive his speed boat to the fishermen's village as that is where his home is. 
His boat couldn't reach the shore and we had to jump into the sea some 2 meters from the beach. We were wet from snorkelling anyway and we were going to walk to the village for lunch dripping wet. 
The fishermen's village, called Kampung Pasir Hantu is translated to mean "Ghostly Sand Village". How it got its name, I do not know.
There is a primary school (LHS) and a police station that looks grand in the midst of tiny village houses housing a population of just 2000.
At one of the restaurant, waiting for our food.
A simple but decent meal.
We explored a little bit.
The only grocery store in the vicinity.
The sea around the village is crystal clear. There were no oil patches, neither were there debris floating around. Credit should go to these inhabitants for taking care of their village surrounding so well. 
A fish eye view of the boats docked at the sea.

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