Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Nice Attraction: Place Massena

Place Massena is the largest public square in the old town of Nice. It is a very expansive square surrounded by beautiful buildings, fountains and gardens. What I find most striking are the vibrant colours of the Italian-style buildings, the checkered flooring and the very unique sculptures of this square.
It was a good thing to be here on Sunday as there were not that many visitors.
The blocks of buildings surrounding the square consist of shops, restaurants and departmental stores selling among other things, perfume and fashionwear of designer labels.

There is a fountain monument in the midst of the square where the statue of Apollo (Sun God) stands tall surrounded by a few bronze sculptures below it.
Some of the street lead all the way to the famous beachfront Promenade Des Anglais.
Protruding at intermittent spaces from the square are very tall poles bearing sculptures of men, some sitting and some kneeling.
Most shops were closed that day.
A garden (Parcs & Jardins De Nice) is seen on one side of the square.
There is a spectacular sprinkler fountain adjacent to the square.
Even though the square is mostly pedestrianized, trams run through a section of it. A path for cyclists also cuts through the middle of the square and you will need to be extra careful while walking around to snap photos as you may just ram into a moving bicycle or tram.
 On another side of the square lies a park with a display of an artistic sculpture of an arc.

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