Tuesday 21 March 2017

Top Things To Do In Auckland: (1) Mount Eden

I have listed Mount Eden as a must-visit place in Auckland, and truly it didn't disappoint. There are a few reasons why Mount Eden is special. Standing at 196 meters above sea level, its summit is the highest point in Auckland so naturally it makes a very good lookout over the city. Unlike most view points which offer limited vistas, at Mount Eden you get to see a 360 degrees panorama of the entire city and even miles beyond. Auckland's Sky Tower makes a good view point too but you'll have to pay NZ$29 as admission fee. A visit here on the other hand is totally free with fresh mountain air as a bonus for you.

Mount Eden is located within the city just about 3.2km from where we stayed. It is feasible to walk all the way up but we decided to take the Metro Bus to the base and from there climb to the top. There are buses that ply Mount Eden Road from Symonds Street which is just nearby our hotel. The bus fare per way is NZ$3.50 (using cash) or NZ$1.85(using HOP card).

Mount Eden Village
We alighted at Mount Eden Village Centre which is located at the base of the volcano and decided to explore the village a little before the climb.

The village is charming and is self contained.

Rautangi Road
The nearest route to reach the volcano from the village centre is through Rautangi Road which is a short stretch of road with residential houses on either side. At the end of the road, there is a flight of stairs that leads to a walking path. The last part up the summit is very steep but the prize that awaited us was worth our while.
The view was lovely even before reaching the summit.

Mount Eden Summit
And we were finally at the top.
At the summit you get to see a conical crater about 50 meters deep. Very spectacular landmark indeed! Though Mount Eden is an extinct volcano which last erupted 15,000 years ago, Auckland lies in a volcanic field which is generally dormant which means some of the volcanoes may erupt again.
There is a viewing deck but you don't have to stand there to get the best views. Every spot you stand is a fantastic view point.
You can see the city's towering sky scrapers with Sky Tower being the most prominent.

You can see Harbour Bridge, the bay and beyond to the Devonport area.
You get to see the waterfront wharfs and the ships that dock.
You can also see Auckland's largest volcano called One Tree Hill which is another significant landmark in Auckland.
At the peak of One Tree Hill, lies the grave and the monument of Sir John Logan Campbell, the founding father of Auckland.

And here are more pictures taken from Mount Eden.

You can see Rangitoto Island alongside some other islands off the coast and also the residential districts of Auckland.

Just as we were about to sit and enjoy the cool mountain breeze, the sky turned dark and it started to rain. There is no shelter at the hill.
We were a little drenched and cold but thankful that we've taken all the photos we wanted. And happiness is mission accomplished!

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