Sunday 26 March 2017

Top Things To Do In Auckland: (3) Auckland Waterfront

Heading to Auckland's Waterfront is a must if you wish to know why this city is called The City Of Sails. The myriad of yachts, boats, ferries and even huge cruise ships docking by the wharfs is indeed a spectacle. Statistics show that Auckland surpasses other cities as far as number of boats per capita is concerned, hence The City Of Sails.
The stretch of waterfront from Queens Wharf to North Wharf exudes a lot of character and strolling around is a great way to get to know more of the city.

Queens Wharf And Princes Wharf
The most happening part of The Waterfront is around Queens Wharf and Princes Wharf. People thronged here to board ferries that ply the various destination off the northern shores. Day Cruises to Rangitoto Island and other islands also depart from the wharfs here.
The ferry crowd coupled with the dining crowd make The Waterfront a very robust place.

Auckland Ferry Terminal
Auckland Ferry Terminal Building which is just around the corner is a spectacular landmark in Auckland CBD. Painted in vibrant yellow and brown, this heritage building with a spired clock tower stands majestically at the edge of the wharf amidst other contemporary structures and monuments. 

The Cloud
One thing to look out for at Queens Wharf is The Cloud, a very unique building measuring close to 180 meters long. This artistically designed building is a multi-purpose hall where events like exhibition, weddings, promotions, etc.are held.
The opposite end of The Cloud faces Waitemata Harbour.

The Lighthouse
Just adjacent to The Cloud is a little museum called The Lighthouse. The building is a recreation of a 1950s family home and the interior highlights an amazing installation of lights. In the background the humongous Cunard cruise ship can be seen docking by the wharf.
A stainless steel sculpture of Captain James Cook is displayed on the lower floor of The Lighthouse. Visitors can only watch through the glass windows as entrance is not permitted.

Viaduct Basin
Slightly westwards along The Waterfront, is the Viaduct Basin. This is the best spot to get a magnificent vista of Auckland cityscape from the waterfront.

Wyndyard Crossing
The Wynyard Crossing is a bridge over the basin that provides a link for pedestrian to North Wharf and Wynyard Quarter on the western side of the waterfront.
At the edge of the crossing stands The Viaduct Events Centre, another great architecture to look at.

North Wharf
The North Wharf though not as busy as Queens Wharf, is a hive of activities with restaurants and bars lining the entire stretch of waterfront road.

Sounds Of Sea
There are 3 clusters of funnels along the North Wharf called 'Sounds of Sea'. These interactive art works are based on the ventilation funnels and speaking tubes used on ships. 
Designed by North Wharf, these funnels are of varying sizes. You can sit in them, speak to them or put your head inside to listen to the echoes of the sea waves. 

Wynyard Quarter
There are a few interesting things to look out for at Wynyard Quarter. The Karanga Kiosk with a 'living roof' made of native tussocks and grass is designed to promote biodiversity by attracting birds and insects to its vicinity.
Another spectacular buildings at Wynyard Quarter!

The Wind Tree
Another iconic piece of artwork found in Wynyard Quarter is The Wind Tree. Designed by a Japanese artist, Michio Ihara The Wind Tree is made of stainless steel and is erected over a pool of water. The trusses are made to swing in the wind, hence its name.

Auckland Fish Market
Auckland Fish Market is an important landmark in Wynyard Quarter. We dropped by to see what's in-store. Fish auction starts before dawn and by early morning the auctioning is all over. The market remains open though.
Auckland Fish Market looks neat and organised. The catch is from the nearby seas.
The store besides it sells all types of smoked fish and free tasting of a few types is available.

Oceanz Seafood
In the vicinity of the market is a seafood restaurant that claims to sell the freshest of chips and fish. Walking all the way here, we have to try it to find out if it's true.
 Order at the counter and wait for your number to be called.
Choose your seafood from the menu and it will be deep fried to a delicious snack.
The promo for that day was 'Eel and Chip @ NZ$11.95'  
The seafood is fresh alright and the scallop @ NZ$2.80 each is delicious to the core. We had a great seafood snack that morning.

The Piano in Daldy Street Park
The piano in Daldy Street Park has made a name for itself by being a 'public piano'. It is uniquely painted by a local artist Krystie Wade and is looked after by local piano tuner Kevin Bennett. Housed in a roofed shed and sheltered from the rain, this piano welcomes everyone to play it and who knows, the audience may be impressed. 
I played... but whither the audience???

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