Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Auckland: The Art Trail

Even though I am not endowed with artistic talent I love all forms of creative arts. Artwork in the form of murals or sculptures always spice up the ambiance of a surround be it a park or a wall on a street. During my walks around Auckland City (I really walked a lot during my recent stay), I came across a few interesting artwork that captured my attention. I appreciate all the pieces I saw and am dedicating this post to the artists that created them.
A number of evocative pieces are found in Karanghape Road. Ahhh this one is a little obscene but it's creative nevertheless.
Seen from a distance this is how it looks. This piece is found on the wall of a car park at K Road.
Cascading down the back wall of this building on K Road is a series of four kids having fun in the water.
This is another wall mural on K Road.
Another mural on K-Road
The interior walls of St Kevin's Arcade bordering the flight of stairs leading to Myers Park is filled with colorful murals.
I was here so paused to admire the paintings.

I came across this bronze sculpture on a five foot way outside a shop at K Road. It is the cutest sculpture I have ever seen. The sculpture is embedded into the concrete walkway.
This piece is found at Madden Street in Wynyard Quarter.
These cement tanks at Silo Park are spruced up, thanks to the vibrant paintings on them!
At the Queen Street entrance into Aotea Square stands an arch called 'Waharoa' (meaning Gateway in Maori), created out of wood and copper by Selwyn Muru, a Maori sculptor. 
These Maori carvings are found at Takutai Square, near Britomart Precinct.
And this piece is displayed near Wynyard Crossing at Auckland Waterfront.
Took the opportunity to pose with this tall Maori statue at Quay Street.
And this piece at Park Road is really amusing.
It's not easy to paint large murals on smooth walls, whatmore on walls with grooves. These duck painting are found behind the hotel I stayed.
The side walls of this heritage building in Mount Eden Village is also filled with beautiful murals.

Auckland Art Gallery (Toi O Tamaki)
Auckland Art Gallery aka Toi O Tamaki is a place you can visit for free. 
It is a lovely gallery with some interesting arts exhibits.
This creation called Limbo is a collection of seven large metallic shapes accented with fluorescent paint which resemble meteors or space matter.

Some pieces are interactive
There is a section that exhibits 5 centuries of European paintings.

Albert Park
A beautiful city park always incorporates artworks in its layout. I was looking forward to see a beautiful flower clock in Albert Park but the plants have overgrown and concealed the hands of the clock. In spite of this, it still looks pretty with purple flowers on it.
This sculpture called 'Gateway is found at the bottom of Albert Park.
Albert Park features landscaped gardens, flower beds, fountains, sculptures and matured trees.
 Boer War Memorial at Albert Park
Victorian Fountain at Albert Park
George Grey Statue at Albert Park
An artistic Moreton Bay Fig tree, Albert Park
A contemporary concept sculpture by Neil Dawson, Albert Park

Myers Park
Myers Park is just behind my hotel. Though it cannot rival Auckland Domain or Albert Park, it is still a relaxing place to be. There are a couple of artworks in this park.
Sculpture of Moses at Myers Park

Western Park
Two very unique sculptures of a sunken building can be seen in Western Park at Ponsonby Road.
In Auckland, creativity knows no bound!

Symond Park
Symond Park is surrounded by graves and tombstones so it feels a little spooky here.
I walked out in the rain to see the last sculpture before my flight to Queenstown. It was raining and I was the only one in Symond Park. If the park is not at the edge of a busy road I would have thought twice before coming here. This selfie is in memory of my umbrella which I carelessly left behind on the seat of the airport Skybus when I alighted at the domestic airport. 
And this is the sculpture I've come to see at Symond Park.  It is called 'Karangahape Rocks'.

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