Friday 24 March 2017

Top Things To Do In Auckland: (2) Auckland Domain

One of my favourite places in Auckland is The Domain. It is Auckland's oldest park and I simply love it because it has all the features that interest me. This 75 hectares park is actually created around the cone of an extinct volcano! 
Firstly there's much diversity in the floras. There are so many species of plants and flowers, many of which I have never seen before.
 Beautiful flowers and pretty leaves. A walk through the park is simply therapeutic.
There are century old trees that branch out so artistically. This Moreton Bay Fig tree is Ronnie's favourite. 
The tree makes us feel like climbing and playing on it like children all over again.
There are a number of ponds, all lushly landscaped and looking very serene.
Way back in the 1860s the duck ponds here were Auckland's first source of piped water. This is indeed Auckland's heritage park!
Equally charming are the smaller lotus ponds.
Tucked away in a quiet corner of the domain is a pond that is so calm, it reflects like a mirror.
The domain also features lovely gardens with benches and beds of flowers.

For the art lovers, the evocative sculptures within the park will surely delight them!

This is the first sculpture seen as it is located at the main entrance to The Domain.

Though small in size the Valkyrie fountain is not less enchanting!
In the midst of the garden stands the band rotunda which is more than 100 years old!
Among all the features mentioned, The Wintergardens is most beautiful.
The Wintergarden complex was established after World War I and is a protected heritage site. There is an abundance of flowers outside and inside the complex.
The wintergardens features two glasshouses. Seen here is the temperate glasshouse with temperatures moderated to house temperate plants.

These giant waterlily plants are housed in the tropical glasshouse which is heated so it feels warm inside.
It is a myth that these leaves can support human weight. It can provided there is a support below it.
It feels at home in the tropical glasshouse as many plants can be found in my garden back home.
The two glasshouses are separated by a courtyard with a sunken pool.

The Domain is also home to Auckland War Memorial Museum which is located on the highest part of the Domain ground. It is free to visit all the gardens in The Domain but admission into the museum is NZ$25.
This museum was constructed in 1929 to commemorate the war heroes of NZ.
In the museum foreground is a cenotaph which is only a symbolic monument as there is no real grave here.
Feeling hungry? The alluring Wintergarden Cafe serves some delectable stuffs.
I am sure many will love The Domain just like I did. By the way these flowers are not cherry blossoms.

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