Thursday, 31 May 2018

Zhangjiajie Pt 4: Baofeng Lake

Another attraction not to be missed in Zhangjiajie is Baofeng Lake Scenic Area. Baofeng Lake is actually a reservoir created by constructing a dam within the mountain gorges for the purpose of crop irrigation. Even though it is man-made, it has fortuitously transformed into a lake that looks more natural than natural. Bestowed with a verdant grandeur that soothes, it also provides a natural habitat where multitudes of floras and faunas flourish.

Paying an entrance fee of RMB 96 visitors can take a cruise along the lake which lasted not more than 40 minutes. The lake span an area of 15 hectares and has an average depth of 72 meters. 

A narrator is assigned to each cruise boat which will take off after it is filled with passengers. The narration is in Mandarin.

Cruising through the placid water, I really enjoyed the lush hills and unique rock formation.

There are rocks that look like faces of men with eyes, noses and mouths.

There are also stone peaks that rise from the water forming little islands.

There is entertainment for passengers at two spots. On the first, a man appeared from a little hut at the edge of the lake belting out a traditional folk song. On the second spot, a lady appeared to sing and 'wow' both the male and female singers sang with such profound voices.

Baofeng Lake Waterfall
Visitors can also stop by the waterfall near the entrance area. A suspension bridge is built across the lower part of the fall and this appeared to be a photo hot spot.

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