Thursday 21 March 2019

Top Things To Do In Dalat: A Cable Car Ride To Truc Lam Monastery

While in Dalat, riding the cable car is a must. This 2.4 km ride which starts from Robin Hill will take you across the countryside, floating through a verdant pine forest, a beautiful lake and farmland. The cable car station is located just 3 km from the city centre and passengers can opt to ride one way which costs 50,000 VND or make a round trip paying 70000 VND. This hill station also makes an excellent viewpoint over the city of Dalat. The ride culminates in a higher hill station where a popular Buddhist Monastery is located nearby.

At the upper hill station visitors can find souvenir shops and restaurants. A short walk and climb from there will take you to Truc Lam Buddhist Monastery, a popular tourist destination where glimpses into the lifestyle of the residing monks and nuns can be seen. 
The Monastery which was built in the 1990s features a main hall, and a number of other smaller buildings, a belfry, living quarters for the monks, a stupa and a very enchanting flower garden. 

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