Saturday, 30 March 2013

Medan Travel Part 3: A Visit To Pasar Ikan Lama aka Pajak Ikan

I was totally mistaken about this place. Pasar Ikan which literally means "fish market" is not a wet market selling fish and vegetables after all.  Pasar Ikan Medan is actually a shopping district selling mostly Muslim women's fashionwear, apparel accessories and textiles. 
Pasar Ikan Lama occupies a long stretch of Jalan Perniagaan and adjoining streets 
like Jalan Ahmad Yani.
While the products sold here may not be usable to many, they are much sought after by the Muslim community. Head scarves and even prayer veils that come in all sorts of designs are sold in abundance here.
There are many narrow alleys like this with stalls lined-up displaying their wares. The sweltering Medan heat and humidity and the rather cramped up environment can make shopping rather uncomfortable though.
There is hardly any decent restaurant here. Available are a few street vendors selling some local cuisines.
Not much foodstuff are sold here too. There are only a couple of stalls selling fruits, snacks.

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