Saturday 30 March 2013

Medan Travel Part 4: Tasting Medan

Even though Indonesian food is easily available in Malaysia, nothing is like eating it in its homeland.
I had my breakfast at "Crystal Coffee Corner", a restaurant opposite Polonia Airport as soon as I arrived in Medan.
The menu was Indonesian fried rice which I found to be savoury and appetizing.
To go with the fried rice I had the teh botol (bottled tea) which is a popular beverage among the Indonesians.
Lunch was arranged by our Narasindo guide. We had 'nasi Padang' in this restaurant.
This is the way nasi padang is  served. The waiters brought out about 10 different dishes and condiments to go with white rice.
There was not enough space as more dishes were brought out and had to be stacked above others.
This nasi Padang meal was a disappointment as most dishes tasted bland.
Dinner was also pre-arranged by our guide. It was at Istana Krakatau Restaurant which is located at Jln Putri Hijau.
We were waiting patiently for all the dishes to come out.
Great chef, good food. We enjoyed our meal at this restaurant.
Street vendors sell a variety of food but we had to abstain for fear of getting stomach upset.
There are many B1 and B2 restaurants throughout Medan and its neighbouring towns. B1 sells roasted dogs. Yes, I am not joking while B2 sells roasted pigs. I don't eat dogs and I am not a fan of roasted pig so I can't do a review here.
 Most B1 and B2 restaurants are owned by the Bataks.
Garuda is a chain of restaurant selling Indonesian cuisines. We had lunch here on our way to Parapat.
There were as many as 30-40 varieties of mouth-watering dishes to choose from These are served with white rice.
It was a delightful meal at Garuda.
Medan is also famous for avocado juice. The price ranges from IDR10000 to IDR 20000 per glass depending on which restaurant you go to. It was so thick, creamy and yummy, that I had it everyday of my stay in Medan.
I tried lots more Indonesian cuisines in Samosir Island and Berastagi. (Refer to my Toledo Inn and Santubung Hotel reviews).  The last meal I had before coming home to Malaysia was a pancake platter at Mr Pancake Restaurant in Sun Plaza, Medan.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your page,iam a american living in jakarta,I live right next to a medan community.I eat both b1 and b2 with has really good food.Steve

Lily... said...

Hi Steve, it amuses me to hear that an American eats dogs. I thought the Americans will be the first to protest if they know what B2 restaurant sells. LOL

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