Wednesday 13 November 2013

Sentosa Villa, Taiping

Sentosa Villa makes a good choice for holiday makers who prefer to lodge in a natural setting amidst lush greeneries. It is located at the edge of a housing estate bordering a forest not too far from Taiping town (only approx. 1.5km away)
To be exact, this resort is located at Jalan 8, Taman Sentosa which is very near to Maxwell Hill. (aka Bukit Larut)
This is the reception building. The staffs are really friendly here.
This is the main car park for patrons who drive.
The resort offers two main types of accommodation. There are the individual units called the villas and the various types of rooms in the hotel block.
There are a few types of villas- the wooden villas, the honeymoon villas, the deluxe villas and the family villas.
The villas
A villa unit.
The 3-storey walk-up hotel block.
The lounge at the hotel block. 
The hallway on the ground floor of the hotel block.
We stayed in the hotel block, in a standard room on the ground floor.
The room is modestly fitted with an obvious lack of coziness.
Basic facilities provided include a flat TV and built-in countertops and shelves for storage. The room is air-conditioned and there is a water heater in the bathroom. Internet/wifi is not available in the room but you do get free wifi in the reception lobby.
There is no cupboard for clothes but an open-air hanging space with a few hangers.
Bath amenities are very basic.
An electric jug and tea-cups are available. Also provided are complimentary mineral water and sachets of coffee.
The bathroom is simple and the cleanliness satisfactory.
The resort facilities include a spa and massage parlor. (pay service)
Barbecue pits are provided for interested patrons.
There are dart boards in the resort compound.
There is also a games room.
There are a number of hammocks and garden tables and benches.
There is an open-air restaurant.
Our accommodation comes with a simple breakfast buffet.
Breakfast menu is satisfactory. (Day 1 -menu)
Day -2 menu.
There is option for open-air dining.
The resort rear a few types of animals.
During my stay here, I learnt that a duck often sleeps with one leg lifted up.
There are many fruit trees in the resort but it was not yet the fruiting season.
A few small streams run through the resort. The water is shallow and you can wade through it.
The resort also breeds a few types of fish.
There are pathways around the resort where you can take nature walks.
A bungalow unit by a stream.
A very refreshing environment.
No regrets staying here. 

For more information you can view the villa's official website:

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Siti Z said...

Thanks for the info especially the photos. It's really helpful.

Lily... said...

Hi Siti, you can bookmark this blog for future hotel references.

felix said...

Can't believe Taiping also have such beautiful resort.

Lily... said...

Taiping is also a charming place. Been there?

felix said...

Yes ! So next time got to try this Sentosa Villa

Lily... said...

Stay in the chalet instead of the std room. It looks more interesting.

felix said...

Will try out when Durian season. More worth ! Ha ! Ha !

Lily... said...

I heard it's help yourself - on the house.

beyondnafas said...

Thanks a milon l.. will give a try

Lily... said...

Enjoy your stay.

Swathi said...

Thank you for sharing the information about the Sentosa villa.It is very useful information for the people who are planning to visit .Book tickets in Universal Travels and enjoy your travel.

azni said...

i've been there... yess very nice place

myhuonglequyen said...

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