Saturday 9 November 2013

My Taiping Trip Part 6: Things To Do In Kuala Sepetang

Kuala Sepetang was formerly known as Port Weld. It is a small fishing town by the river mouth about 16km from Taiping. There are a few things you can do there as well as along the way there.
Visitors usually visit the charcoal factory, located 500 metres before reaching Kuala Sepetang town. It is easy to find this place as it is just beside the main road (on the left hand side of Taiping-Kuala Sepetang Main Road).
The charcoal kilns here are shaped like igloos. This particular one is lit and has charcoal in the making.
This kiln has cooled down and is probably waiting for the next batch of mangrove wood to be burnt. Kuala Sepetang charcoal is considered one of the best in Asia.
Mangrove wood arranged neatly inside the kiln waiting to be burnt.
We made a pit stop at Matang Mangrove Forest Reserves which is  just a short distance from the charcoal factory. Frankly, there is nothing much to see here except for mangroves trees.
Raised wooden platforms are built deep into the mangrove forest for visitors.
Kuala Sepetang is also well-known for its prawn noodles - the most famous being Mee Udang Mak Jah. We tried the noodles here to see whether it lives up to its name. Mee Udang Mak Jah is easy to locate as it is just beside the main road (on the left hand side in the direction of Kuala Sepetang from Taiping).
The place was almost packed with a non-stop stream of customers.
The signature dish is the prawn noodle even though there are others to choose from.
The "Mee Udang Spesial" priced at  RM12/bowl comes with five average to large sized prawns in sweet, sour and hot gravy. The noodles and gravy were quite good but the prawns were not very fresh. This place is probably over hyped.
This is Kuala Sepetang town. The activities here are centred mostly around eating places.
Fish laid out to dry along the roadside.
There are a number of restaurants at the edge of the town facing the river and many come here for seafood.
From here one can take boat rides to visit the cockle farm, the firefly sanctuary and the fishing village or even to see the eagles and the dolphins (if you are lucky).  Boat services are readily available and does not have to be pre-booked as there are a number of boat owners who will make such trips as long as there are interested customers.
This may be helpful for anyone interested in the boat cruises.
We made our last stop before heading back for Taiping. What remains of the first railway station in Malaysia is just this monument, a place tourist like me would drop by to snap a photo or two.


Unknown said...

Thanks for review. It is helpful for me, indeed.

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You're welcome. Enjoy your trip to Kuala Sepetang!

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You're most welcomed Arin. Enjoy yr trip.

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Nice info about Kuala Sepetang especially Mee Udang Mak Jah and Charcoal factory.

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Does one need to wait for night time to see firefly?

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Yes of course.

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is driving there easy? from taiping sentral

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