Monday, 16 November 2015

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Market: Review And Photo Gallery

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Market is held from 3pm to 8pm every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday along the stretch of Esplanade nearer to the junction of Caville Avenue and Hanlan Street. This market is apparently popular and many Gold Coast Travel Sites recommend this as a 'Must Do' thing in Surfers Paradise. As it is acclaimed, I was expecting a grand scale market, with long stretches of stalls and lots of things to see. Unfortunately I was a little let down as it is not 'a grand scale, long stretch of stalls' type of market but one where you can walk from one end to the other way too fast and too soon. Nevertheless I visited the markets all three days of the week during my 8-day vacation in Surfers Paradise. 
There are only two rows of stalls facing each other with intermittent spaces between which could have been occupied by more stalls.
The market features mostly hand-made and locally made products even though there are imported stuffs as well.
It also features artisans at work, like this glass artist who makes pretty glass pieces.
Crocodile Jawj is a stall that sells all thing made of crocodile skin. 
Ron got himself a beautiful crocodile cowboy hat for AUD40 which is a lot cheaper than in the souvenir shops nearby.
This stall sells sweet smelling koala bears.
I noticed very few stalls sell foodstuffs. This fruit flat stall is among the few.
I found something interesting! A stall which offers psychic reading for a fee.
This is a statue along the esplanade where the beachfront market is held.
If you think this is also a statue, you are mistaken. This man can really imitates one without flaws.
Among all the products sold I love these wind spinners the most. See how beautiful they are when they spin with the wind on the video below.
If it's blur, watch it on HD setting

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