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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Review And Photos

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a place worthwhile visiting if you have never been to an Australian Wildlife Park. Even if you have been to one, purchasing a ticket to spend time in this park is money meaningfully spent as all proceeds are reinvested back into the Australian wildlife and its conservation.
The boundary of this park encompasses 67 acres of landscaped bushland and rainforest and is home to more than 1400 species of Australian Wildlife, making this one of the largest collection of Australian native wildlife in the world.
Even though the entire park can be toured on foot, energy can certainly be conserved if you get on the miniature train to the various stations where the park attractions are.
I thought these koalas were mere mock-ups as they clung motionlessly unto the branches and lay completely still.
In this park, you get a chance to be up close with some of these wildlife. There are also ample photo opportunities where you can be photographed feeding and patting them or getting them nestled in your arms.
In addition to koalas and kangaroos, there are other Australian marsupials - Tasmanian Devil (not many), wombats, wallabies,etc.
There is also a display of the Australian dingoes, and many species of Australian birds.
There is a reptile house with a collection of caged reptiles but you do get to see some in the open as well. A few species of rare amphibians are also on display.
The sanctuary has adopted the fictional character of Blinky Bill as its icon, perhaps to attract a major fan base, and these are the children who have come to visit the park.
On display in The Crocodile Wetlands are freshwater as well as the saltwater crocodiles.
A timetable for animal feeding and shows is made available when you purchase a ticket. 

Crocodile Behavior Show
A couple of hundred spectators were waiting for the crocodile behavior show but this show was mostly talk and 'no action' kind of show. The crocodile jumped out to eat one lump of meat dangled on a pole and that was the only action we saw. Anticipating more but not seeing any was kind of an anti-climax for us.

Sheep Shearing Show
The sheep shearing demonstration is not really new to me. This show was made lively with spectator participation and some humour injected in it. I would grade this as satisfactory. 
The merinos look cute though.

Free Flight Bird Show
The free flight bird show can also be considered a mostly 'talk' show with birds flying towards and away from the commentator so there's nothing spectacular about it at all.

Blinky Bill's Wildlife To The Rescue Show
This show is specially made for small kids. You must be a kid at heart to stay through the entire session.

Aboriginal Dance Show
The first and second dance looked interesting but the consecutive dances lapsed into monotony.
Open air seats for the spectators.

Facilities And Park In General
There are 4 F&B outlets, 4 gift shops/stores, toilets and the mini trains that visitors can freely ride on. There are also the lush vegetation and rich floras and a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital within the park. Those thirsting for adventure can go for pay activities within the park like the Segway Tour and Treetop Challenge.
At Wild Things Souvenir Shop
Clear road signs
Nice artistic statues.
Children's playground.

Overall it was money and time well spent even though it is not the best wildlife park that I've visited in Australia.

Currumbine Wildlife Sanctuary
28, Tomewin St,

Admission Fees:
Walk-Ins: AUD49/adult AUD35/Child
I got my ticket for AUD34 from a tour booth in Surfers Paradise

Getting There From Surfers Paradise:
Take a tram from Caville Avenue Tram Station to Broadbeach South Tram Station.
Take bus No 700 to Currumbine from the bus depot nearby.
Currumbin Beach
We took the opportunity to visit Currumbin Beach before returning to Surfers Paradise (where we lodged).
Currumbin Beach with fine, white powdery sand .
A charming beach with much less visitors compared to Surfers Paradise Beach.

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