Thursday, 22 August 2019

Cape Town, South Africa : Part 1

I scouted for a travel destination for the month of August and deliberated a while before taking my pick. I had wanted a venue within my budget that I have never been before but my main criterion was the weather. Determined to escape the soaring temperature and high humidity of summer in countries above the equator, I ended picking South Africa. Being in the southern hemisphere, South Africa would be experiencing winter, not a harsh one but one which would be comfortable and invigorating. After two flights and one very long transit my plane finally landed in Cape Town.

Wow, Cape Town! Was is love at first sight? I love the ambiance of the city. Located at almost the southernmost tip of South Africa the city and its suburbs are surrounded only by oceans as there is no sea: Atlantic Ocean towards its west and Indian Ocean towards its east. The city boasts of long coastlines and stunning beaches with raging waves that break into pure white foams visible along the coastal roads. It is generally tranquil with lots of picture perfect scenery. Its natural beauty however, does not sync with the fact that it is the most dangerous city in Africa and one of the most dangerous in the world. I had to remind myself time and again to be vigilant, not to lose my passport and belonging as that would be a holiday turned awry.  

I'm now back home, safe and sound with tonnes of memories from Cape Town and a few other South African cities that I visited. I'll be documenting my travel, as usual with lots of photos and words just enough to remember the names of the places I traversed through. 

My first day journey around Cape Town took me mostly along the coastal roads of Cape Peninsula that juts into the Atlantic Ocean. The tour started from my hotel near V&A Harbour and it was indeed a breathtaking journey with many scenic drives and stops for photos and visitation. We covered the length of Cape Peninsula till the southernmost tip of it at Cape of Good Hope before returning.

Camps Bay
Camps Bay is a small bay on the west coast of Cape Peninsula, famous for its fine white sand, natural rocks and views of the Twelve Apostles Mountains. It is one of the most breathtaking sites around Cape Peninsula located just miles from Cape Town's Central Business District.

Hout Bay
Hout Bay is a seaside neighborhood that is nestled between two mountain peaks. The landscape and panorama is one to die for. 

Hout Harbour And Seal Island Cruise
Boats that cruise to Seal Island operates from Hout Harbour.  It was a little disappointing as our boat couldn't get to the island (which is actually just a boulder jutting out in the ocean) as the sea was very rough that day.

We got to see the mountains in the vicinity at closer range from the cruise boat.
 There were many seals nevertheless. They were seen lazing around the harbour.

There was an air of festivity as we returned to the harbour. A group of musician were belting out out some vibrant songs to welcome the passengers. 

Chapman"s Peak
Chapman's Peak is the name of a mountain on the western side of the Cape Peninsula, between Hout Bay and Noordhoek.  It is famous for its breathtaking vistas over the Atlantic coastline and 114 dramatic curves. The drives along this mountain road is said to be one of the world’s most scenic drives.

At the end of the scenic drive around Chapman's Peak is Noordhoek, another coastal neighbourhood. Noordhoek Beach is very spectacular and to keep it unspoilt, development is forbidden in this zone.

Fish Hoek
Fish Hoek is a picturesque town situated about halfway down the Cape Peninsula, between Cape Town and Simon's Town. It is well known for its beach. We took a break at Fish Hoek for a very nice lunch.

We had lobster for lunch before continuing the rest of our day tour.


Kisah Tatie said...

one of my wishlist. hopefully i can go there one day :)

Lily... said...

i'm sure you will

Jane said...

Thanks for the information! I am looking to travel to Cape Town. I didn't want to visit when I heard about cape town water problems, but since it is fine I am ready to go!

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