Saturday 28 September 2019

South Africa Part 9: Johannesburg (Photo Gallery)

From Cape Town we took a 2 hour domestic flight into South Africa's largest city, Johannesburg. This city is located 1400 km northeast of Cape Town and started as a gold settlement during the 1886 Gold Rush before rapidly growing to its present day size.
I didn't really spend that much time in Johannesburg aka 'City Of Gold'. I just caught glimpses of it, visited one of its major attractions and took some snapshots of my hotel and a unique restaurant which I dined in. Johannesburg was my last port of call before departing for home.

Staying In Park Inn
Park Inn, the hotel I stayed in is gated and guarded making it exclusive to its patrons. The crime rate is very high in Johannesburg and this hotel is probably taking measures to ensure the security and safety of its guests.

Park Inn is pleasant in every way except for the standard room I stayed in which is just average.

Johannesburg is a city with a generally modern setting but I think it is not half as charming as Cape Town.

Dining In Carnivore Restaurant
There is a restaurant I enjoyed dining in while travelling around Johannesburg. As its name suggests, Carnivore Restaurant which is located about half hour's drive from the city, is a restaurant for meat lovers. For R295 (about RM82) this eat all you can restaurant serves a selection of succulent, charcoal grilled game and domestic meat, skewered on Masai swords. There are more than half a dozen types of meat (3 types of venison meat, chicken, pork, beef, fish, crocodile, ostrich,.... ) that will be brought to your dining table and you can eat unlimited amount of any type till you drop.

I love this restaurant as it comes with eye-catching decors that depict the South African lifestyle.

Gold Reef City
The only attraction I visited in Johannesburg was Gold Reef City, a theme park that is  situated on a site surrounding an old gold mine. The park offers many types of thrill rides, roller coaster etc and a casino. An underground gold mine tour is also available.

The setting within the park is themed after Johannesburg during the Gold Rush Era with exhibits of many vintage things. Visitors can enjoy a walk back in time and also visit some of the museum houses.

The highlight of my visit was the underground gold mine tour. We took a huge elevator underground and trod the path of the miners. It was both educational and enlightening.

It was nice to see the look of excitement on the faces of these school kids who were at Gold Reef City for a school excursion.

And here's me posing with my Red Team.

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