Friday 6 September 2019

South Africa Part 6: Bakubung Bush Lodge (Photo Gallery)

It was a great experience staying in Bakubung Bush Lodge. This lodge has 76 rooms and it is located within Pilanesberg National Park. This means there is ample opportunity to view the park's wildlife from the hotel ground or even from your room. The lodge offers a few types of accommodation packages. Mine is with breakfast, dinner and two game drives around the wildlife park. This luxury lodge is equipped with a number of facilities like the swimming pool, spa, gym, etc. 
The scenery around the lodge is refreshing and you will probably be greeted by a beautiful sunrise each morning. The breakfast meal I had was delectable and the dinner arranged for me and my group members which was in another restaurant some distance away was sumptuous and delicious. 
There is a low fence around the lodge and just beyond the fence is a watering pool where wildlife and birds frequent to quench their thirst.

My Photo Gallery
Outside my room
My room
Swimming pool area
The Swimming Pool
The lobby lounge
The lodge bar
The lodge bar
The lodge restaurant
 Breakfast menu

The watering pool
Sunrise from the lodge

The Reception Area
The Resident Lounge
The Accommodation Block
Lovely Panorama
The Bakubung Bush Lodge Frame
The Games Drive Vehicle
Lodge Ground

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