Saturday, 24 August 2019

Cape Town, South Africa: Part 2

We had a sumptuous lobster lunch complete with starters and desserts at Fish Hoek after which our tour continued further south culminating in the southernmost tip of Cape Peninsula before returning to the city. Cape Town really dazzled me. Being surrounded by mountains on 3 sides and the ocean on the 4th side one can expect landscapes and vistas that mesmerize. It was deservedly voted as the best place to visit in the world in 2014 by New York Times and The Telegraph Daily. 
Listed below are highlights of the various attractions of Cape Peninsula south of Fish Hoek.

Simon's Town
Simon's Town is one of South Africa's oldest towns and Naval base. Lining its main street which form part of the route we traversed through are heritage buildings, some dating as far back as the 1740s. They are undoubtedly charming to look at.

Boulders Beach
Boulders Beach is a sheltered beach with huge granite boulders. Thousands thronged the beach to see the African Penguin colony which settled there in 1982. The beach has become the natural habitat of these adorable and petite penguins which are protected as they are an endangered species. To my surprise the beach is within close proximity to a residential area.


It was enlightening to see the biodiversity and astounding landscape as we journeyed along. So many species of plants, trees and even some wild animals and birds were spotted during the drive.

Cape Point
Cape Point is a spectacular sight with towering stone cliffs, beautiful bays, secluded beaches and rolling green hills and valleys.  It was our second last stop for the day tour. We took The Flying Dutchman Funicular (a 40-seater carriage that takes visitors from the parking lot along a 600 meter uphill track) to see the first lighthouse of Cape Point.

Cape Of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope is located at the southernmost tip of Cape Peninsula. It is a promontory that juts into the ocean and it is also where the Atlantic Ocean blends with the Indian Ocean. The waves appear loud and roaring albeit they are an enchanting sight to behold.

The Return Journey
The Cape Of Good Hope marked the end of our scenic tour. The return journey was equally enlightening as I caught glimpses of Cape Town's sunset and dusk.

I don't remember seeing such colourful clouds before. These are known as sunset clouds and it is said the colour can predict the weather the day after.

As dusk fell, silhouettes appeared.  The tall African bush pines looked majestic and they caught my attention.

I was once again charmed!

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Kisah Tatie said...

issit safe to go there alone? thinking of solo trip to cape town tapi dengar banyak cerita tak best.

Lily... said...

It's not safe but you have to be careful

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