Sunday 15 December 2019

Balkan Travel Pt 15: [Croatia] The Old Town Of Dubrovnik

The old town of Dubrovnik is another interesting destination I visited in the Balkans. It is located right by the Adriatic Sea and it is where most of the heritage buildings of Dubrovnik are concentrated. This town is fortified by almost 2 kilometers length of high walls and 15 very imposing towers. These walls which were built in the 13th century served as defense mechanism against attacks from the enemies and have never been breached. Dubrovnik Old Town is a very well preserved historic town which has earned a spot in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

I spent about 2 hours at the old town, a duration just enough to view some of its buildings and monuments from the outside but which wasn't quite enough to visit the interiors or to circumvent the external walls. I entered the town before sunset and left after the day turned dark. Below are some highlights of my visit. 
There are a few entrances into the old town. I entered through Pile Gate, a stone gate with a history dating back to 1537.
The high and imposing walls and towers can be viewed some distance from outside the old town. Entering the old town is free but you will need to purchase a ticket to walk on the walls. (Ticket Price is approx Euro 27 per adult).
Stradun is the main street in the Old Town. It is a long straight road that stretches about 300 meters from Pile Gate all the way to the waterfront part of the town. 
The large Onofrio's Fountain is a polygonal shaped structure with a cupola and 16 water taps. It was constructed in the 15th century.
Small Onofrio's Fountain at Luza Square was also constructed in the 15th century.

St Saviour's Church and The Franciscan Monastery is situated along the main street of the old town.
Luza Square is a very busy square with many landmarks around it.
Dubrovnik’s Clock Tower is an elegant 31 m high timepiece, dating from the 15th century
Sponza Palace is a 16th century former customs house which was subsequently used as a mint, a treasury, an armoury and a bank.
Rector's Palace is a beautiful building which has been turned into a history museum.
Church of St Blaise (LHS) is an 18th century Catholic church, also located on Luza Square.
Gundulic Square, locally called Gundulićeva Poljana is a busy Dubrovnik’s square with many open air cafes at night (it is a fruit and vegetable market square in the day time).
On Gundulic Square is a large statue of Dubrovnik’s 17th century poet Ivan Gundulić after whom the square was named.
There are many small lanes.

There are many interesting shops with mostly arched entrances.

Jesuit Stair is a stone staircase where Game Of Thrones' "Walk Of Shame" is filmed. 
Church of St Ignatius of Loyola, built in the 18th century is a beautiful church located at the top of Jesuit Stairs.
!7th century Jesuit college located on a square at the top of Jesuit Stairs.
Jesuit Street lined with open air cafes and small shops.
The Dubrovnik Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is a 17th century church.
Old Port and Fortress of St Ivan

The town became quieter at night but shops remain open.

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Raka Adhyatma said...

woah a nica travel. i feel amazed to see a good place you have visited. travelling is always enjoyable. thank you for sharing

Raka Adhyatma said...

woah a nice travel. i feel amazed to see a good place you have visited. travelling is always enjoyable. thank you for sharing

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