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Balkan Travel Pt 7: [North Macedonia] Memorable Moments In Skopje

Roaming the streets and exploring the corners of Skopje was a delightful experience for me. Skopje is indeed one of my favourite Balkan cities. Not only was I fascinated by its myriad statues, I also find the city charming in many ways. I like the history behind some of its attractions, I am bemused by the eclectic blend of its old and modern architecture and I also like the fact that the city is very orderly. 
In reminiscence of the memorable moments I spent in Skopje, I am sharing some snapshots taken along the path I trod.
Mother Teresa Memorial House 
Even though Mother Teresa spent most of her life doing humanitarian work in Kolkata she was actually born in Macedonia and Skopje was her hometown. This beautiful building along Macedonia Street was built in her honour. It was built on the site of an old Catholic church where Mother Teresa was baptized as a baby and where she used to sing in a church choir.

Skopje City Clock
There is a very special clock in Skopje. This clock which is embedded on the facade of an old train station and which used to tell time in the city has stood still since the morning of July 27 1963 when a catastrophic earthquake struck the Macedonian capital. The train station was one of the few buildings left standing after the major earthquake. The clock reads 5:17 to mark the time of the tremor. The train station, now an art museum, is a reminder of that moment in history.

Macedonia Street
Macedonia Street is a long street that links the main city square to the art museum. It is a very old street that has been given a makeover following Project Skopje 2014. Many facades look fresh and vibrant. A few new buildings are also sighted along this road which is now lined with cafes, restaurants and stalls.

Maksim Gorki Street
Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant was where I had my lunch. It is a very beautiful restaurant which serve very mediocre food. 
Just adjacent to the restaurant is London B&B with an eye-catching bright red entrance door.

Stone Bridge & Project Skopje 2014 Monuments
The longest river in Macedonia, Vardar River snakes through the city of Skopje splitting it into two parts. A number of bridges cross this river, the oldest being Stone Bridge. The construction of Stone Bridge is said to date back to the Roman times which could possibly be 1500 years ago. This bridge has however gone through many restorations over the centuries.
Many beautiful buildings have sprung up following Project Skopje 2014. One of these gorgeous buildings is Macedonian Archaeological Museum. This photo which shows the side facade of the museum is taken from Stone Bridge.
There is a newly built pedestrian bridge next to Stone Bridge. A huge Ferris wheel is supposed to be built on it but the project is said to be stalled.
Another Skopje 2014 building seen near Stone Bridge is Museum Of Macedonian Struggle.

Eye Bridge
Eye Bridge which is a newly constructed bridge following Project Skopje 2014 runs parallel to Stone Bridge. The row of majestic looking buildings, the bridges and all the beautiful statues have embellished the city well.

Skopje Old Bazaar
The Old Bazaar is the oldest marketplace in Macedonia, and one of the oldest in the Balkans. This bazaar dates back to the 12th century and has a Turkish feel to it. This place where the old bazaar is located is also known as Skopje Old Town. It is not as huge as Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, so it is unlikely to get lost here.
Most of the streets in Old bazaar are pedestrianized. Many small shops, open-air cafes and restaurants can be found here.

Posing with some Macedonian girls
Pedestrianized street at Old Bazaar
A shop selling local handicrafts
Local delights sold at Old Bazaar

Mustafa Pasha Mosque which was built in 1492 and which is Skopje's biggest mosque is located at the edge of Old Bazaar. 
The minaret of the Mustafa Pasha Mosque.
There are many mosques at Old Bazaar but the main religion in Macedonia is Orthodox Christianity.

A Blend Of Old And New
Many modern buildings have sprung up in the midst of the old. Skopje is home to this eclectic mix of architecture.

The Millenium Cross
The Millennium Cross is a 66-metre (217 ft) tall cross situated on the top of Vodno Mountain,15 kilometers outside the capital city Skopje. Even though it is far away you can see it from many parts of the city as it is one of the tallest crosses in the world. 
A zoomed shot of Millenium Cross taken from my bus.

Hotel Panoramika
                                    Hotel Panoramika was the hotel I stayed in Skopje.

It is a hotel with a very beautiful dining hall and fantastic city view as it is located on an elevated ground.
Skopje Stadium and the city as viewed from my room in Hotel Panoramika.

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