Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Medan Travel Part 6: Glimpses Of Medan

This post is about the things I see in and around Medan. Do enjoy the snapshots.
This is Polonia International Airport. It is located in the city itself. It is unfortunately the worst airport I've ever visited. Except for a "Dunkin Doughnut' Restaurant, it is hard to find a comfortable air-conditioned cafeteria or eatery to hang out. Many toilets have no inbuilt flushes. The security system is found wanting. The list of complain can go on and on so I'll better stop here. Fortunately a new airport is in the making. Unfortunately again,this new airport is going to be 40km away from Medan City.
This is the roundabout near the airport. There is a lovely monument in the centre.
This is Medan Mosque. 
There are many batik shops in Medan. 
A traditional cap - can't remember what it's called.
Chatime has made its way to Medan. There are branches here and there. There are also many CIMB bank branches in Medan. (CIMB is a Malaysian owned bank)
We visited Medan Mall, a four-storey shopping complex.
This average-sized mall is well managed and resembles any other malls in Malaysia. "Matahari", an anchor tenant is a good place to pick up garments and all sorts of attires for men, women and children. The collection is much bigger than any I've seen in Kuala Lumpur.
Medan Mall having sales.
It's nice to see a church in Medan Mall.
This big church is just opposite Medan Mall. Even though Medan is a predominantly Muslim city, there are more churches than mosques in Medan.
Our bus passed by Pasar Aksara. This is a very happening place with Ramayana Shopping Complex as a main tenant. 
Food delivery operating from Garuda Restaurant. Anyone??
Much of Medan outskirt is still underdeveloped.
An outskirt town.
Was wondering what this is. Notice the windows on the fish body.
A typical Medan lifestyle. No matter how run down a house is the parabola satellite is a top priority. [parabola satellites are used to receive TV channels)
Only in the outskirt can you enjoy such serenity.
That's me posing with a few primary school children.

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